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Developing a New Brand Identity & Website to Enable an Era of Growth

ServiceNow provider Thirdera needed a fresh brand identity and website that would support current needs and set the stage for exponential growth.
Melissa De Guzman

Creating a Lightning-fast Modern Website with the Spirit of an Established Brand

Enterprise translation provider SimulTrans needed a website that was up to Google’s new standards but didn’t want to change what they loved about their existing brand.
Ben Sack

Do You Really Need HubSpot Operations Hub?

Get our take on who really needs these new features, like two-way data syncing, programmable workflow automation, data quality automation, and datasets.
Michael Peach

5 Marketing Benefits of High-Quality CRM Data

Your CRM data quality may be the key to solving your marketing challenges. What is a data management strategy, and how can it impact your campaigns?
Pedro Loeza

Airstreams, Space Races, + AI-Powered HR Tech: A Redesign with Mid-Century Flair

Salted Stone revamps the web presence of, a game-changing HR platform.
Abby Thompson
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Increasing Dwell Time & Building for Engagement

A few additional seconds of dwell time on your website can dramatically impact it's effectiveness and bolster your SERP rankings. Are you designing and creating content with engagement in mind?
Brandon Jones

SEO Optimization & A Modern Rebrand: Increasing Conversions for an Industry Pioneer

Through a creative rebrand and SEO optimization efforts, the Silvertrac team has managed to maintain their stellar reputation in the security space and grow market reach.
Sabrina Roussel

3 Marketing Best Practices to Ignore When Developing Your Website’s Navigation

When it comes to designing website navigation, popular conventions may not be best to follow. We break down three best practices and identify ways of properly structuring your nav.
Ben Sack

The Architecture of Effective Websites: The Homepage as a Transitional Space

Conceptualizing the homepage of your website as an 'entryway' from the internet to your domain requires an understanding of your buyer's expectations. Check out the Architecture of Effective Websites.
Andrew Siskind

5 Website must-haves to build an online lead machine

In this digital age, there's no denying that your website is your company's most valuable marketing asset.
Meika Birch-Davis
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A Web Design Process Checklist for Agencies

Steps to ensure every new website launches smoothly
Michelle Chu

JavaScript Development in Action: Coding With React & Node

Salted Stone's Stephen Yager discusses JavaScript development using a brand new platform.
Stephen Yager

Salted Stone Helps SecureWorld Clarify Brand Focus With New Website Design

Salted Stone helped maintain SecureWorld's well-deserved industry credibility with a beautiful and functional re-design.
Phil Dupertuis

Featured Case Studies


Using HubSpot’s Transactional Email Add-on and Single-Send API to Power Maxim Properties

How Salted Stone integrated a LAMP stack website with HubSpot and the Transactional Email Add-on via API to Satisfy Technical Requirements
Mike Skeehan
Lawn Maintenance

Salted Stone Reverse Engineers a Growth-driven Design Website for HindSite

How our team reverse engineered a corporate brand from a standalone product brand
Aubrey Beck

Salted Stone Wins Impact Award for Med School Tutors Website Design

You could say that the birth of the beautiful relationship between Salted Stone and MST all started with a dead body
Jason Feller