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SEO Optimization & A Modern Rebrand: Increasing Conversions for an Industry Pioneer

Sabrina Roussel
When it comes to security guard accountability and reporting software, Silvertrac competes in a league of its own.

Silvertrac’s sophisticated software enables officers, dispatchers, supervisors, managers, and clients to easily share information in real-time. Automated reports, GPS tracking, foolproof guard tours, and long-term data collection give Silvertrac users unprecedented insight into activity on and off the field. 

solutions_MobileAppsSilvertrac has been refining their platform for over a decade, and in that time they’ve gained a sterling reputation and an impressive client roster.

However, even with all this success, the Silvertrac team knew their website was not up to par.

“Bottlenecks were everywhere on the old site,” explains Johnny Page, VP of Customer Success. “We had a lot of content written and published, but our messaging wasn’t optimized, our design wasn’t on point, and we just didn’t see conversions.”


Before contacting Salted Stone, Page and Silvertrac founder Chris Anderson worked with several digital agencies to optimize their branding, messaging, and search engine efforts. Although each partner was able to contribute meaningful work, most wound up subcontracting portions of the project. 

“For a while, we had to get used to the style of different copywriters or agencies who solely work on SEO and not design,” says Page. This resulted in a hodgepodge of aesthetic and content assets.

OLD Homepage


The Silvertrac team decided to double down on the idea of redesigning their website to be more conversion-oriented. In order to avoid the problems they’d experienced in the past, they sought a completely in-house agency with deep experience in the SaaS space.

hubspot-logoSilvertrac wanted a team that could act as an extension of their own marketing efforts. To find one, they turned to HubSpot, who recommended Salted Stone.

Once initial conversations wrapped, our strategy, marketing operations, and creative teams met with Page and Anderson to learn more about Silvertrac’s goals.


Page and the team were looking to retool their website with updated copy and design, on-page SEO optimization, and a better pipeline for conversions. “We knew that if we were going to invest in inbound marketing and getting traffic to the site through those efforts, we needed someone who could go beyond just driving more website visits,” says Page. “We needed help building a foundation for lead nurturing.”

The Silvertrac team also wanted to create cohesion between the brand’s online and offline user experiences. Often, a lead would talk with us on the phone and come away with a totally different impression from when they were simply visiting the site. It didn’t communicate who we really are,” explains Page.


Determined to capture the attention of leads, increase conversions, modernize the site, and update Silvertrac’s branding, the Salted Stone team got to work. 

“When it came to SEO, we knew we needed to help Silvertrac get found through Google search more frequently, so the end game was to boost organic results,” says Brian Mitrof, a member of Salted Stone’s marketing operations team. Salted Stone’s SEO optimization efforts included targeted keyword research based on Silvertrac’s service offerings.

“We found the most popular terms for searches like security guard management, parking security, and incident reporting,” explains Mitrof. “From there, we incorporated our terms into the site’s meta descriptions, H1s, title tags, and alternative texts on images, so they could be found by Google’s web crawler bots.”


Meanwhile, the design team got to work on a full-scale branding project that included logo and website reconceptualization. However, because Silvertrac had so many home-grown assets, agreeing on a new way of presenting the brand was difficult at times.

“Learning how to get what you want from design is a process,” says Page. “When you decide to scrap what you’ve been doing for a long time, there’s a definite back and forth that happens. If I’m not sharing actionable feedback, then you end up in a weird spot going through so many rounds of revision — that’s why we loved working with the Invision platform that Salted Stone uses -- to see new versions of our logo and site throughout the process.”  

“We heard their concerns and set out to paint Silvertrac in a light that the team was comfortable with — technology-focused, reliable, vetted,” explains Salted Stone Creative Director Mitch McKenzie. “We wanted to create something simple and clean to differentiate them from competitors while also building a persona-aligned aesthetic. We knew their typical client was interested in high-tech security brands, so we had fun playing into the tactical look. That’s why we used grids, targets, and modern, clean san-serif fonts...we thought about assets you might see in a ‘Bourne’ movie.”

Silvertrac logo redesignSilvertrac logo variations


“Through our on-page SEO efforts, we were able to dramatically increase the number of views of their main page and product pages” explains Mitrof. “We also increased the number of organic conversions.”

Silvertrac, which operates in a niche software marketplace, experienced an increase of over 1,500 total website visits in a 6 month period.


  • Total webinar and content offer views more than doubled
  • ‘Contact Us’ form submissions tripled, while conversion rates for the page jumped by almost 5%
  • Search engine performance yielded an increase of 10.6k total impressions, and an increase of about 800 total clicks from October 2017 to March 2018 

In addition, Silvertrac’s aesthetic upgrades have made a considerable impact on their brand reputation. While networking at conferences or presenting for professional associations, Johnny and the team feel confident and on-brand. “We now look the part. The website finally fits who we really are. It visually communicates all the things you feel when reading and interacting with the copy and content.” 

Silvertrac header

Silvertrac assets

Armed with a more cohesive visual language, greater visibility through search engine optimization efforts, and increased conversion metrics, the Silvertrac team has managed to maintain their stellar reputation in the physical security space, and grow market reach.

How can a brand refresh and Search Engine Optimization efforts help you reach your growth goals? Book a consultation and learn more today.
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