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Benefits and Limitations of Earned Media vs. Paid Media

What are the advantages and disadvantages of earned media vs. paid media? In this post, we define both terms and explore their benefits and limitations.
Kaley Deneen
Marketing Strategy

Launching A New Service Offering and Building Brand Awareness in a New Region

Learn how a strategic program with Salted Stone helped DDC FPO launch a new service offering and build brand awareness in a new region.
Sabrina Roussel

When Is It Time to Invest in a Website Redesign?

To answer this big question, you’ll first need to ask yourself some smaller ones. We’ll show you where to start.
Adam Zabinsky
Customer Success

When it Comes to Customer Support Documentation, Empathy & Perspective Come First

Learning to identify and fix apathetic support documentation is key to building trust, retaining customers, and providing value.
Phil Dupertuis
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The Art of the Explainer Video

Video marketing giant Wistia & digital agency Salted Stone tackle all things explainer video: from production (length, format, style, script writing, and audio) to placement, analysis, and marketing!
Abby Thompson

Salted Stone Animated Video Wins HubSpot Impact Award for Graphic Design

Salted Stone wins HubSpot Impact Award for Graphic Design for animated video
Aubrey Beck

Salted Stone Produces 16-Bit Style Retro Animated Video for Med School Tutors

Animation research involved playing and watching clips from various SNES and Sega Genesis games
Phil Dupertuis

Salted Stone Creates the Saint Motel 'MOVE' 360 VR Music Video

Salted Stone creates kick ass 360 degree VR music video for Saint Motel's song MOVE
Mike Skeehan

Map the Gap Video: How Salted Stone's Creatives Solved the Healthcare Problem

How we took a complex concept and made it fun with video.
Phil Dupertuis
Video Marketing

‘Veni, Vidi, Video!’ — Salted Stone’s Dir. of Ops on Video Marketing and Becoming a Wistia Partner

Salted Stone is an agency partner with video marketing platform, Wistia.
Alex Baker
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ReleasePoint Video: How Salted Stone Took a Complex Concept and Made it Fun

How we took a complex concept and made it fun with video.
Alex Baker

Two Good Reasons to Use Video to Explain Complicated Concepts

For SaaS organizations offering complex products, incorporating video into your marketing plan may be the best solution.
Aubrey Beck