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Under the Hood Videocast

Airs every second Wednesday at 11:00 am (AEST)
Navigating the complex digital world has never been this fun!

Join Tony Eades and Gabriel (Gabe) McCarthy as they dig into the latest and greatest growth platforms to help scale your business. Get answers to your most challenging sales and marketing growth questions — all with a side of banter. Whether debating HubSpot, Salesforce or ChatGPT, our hilarious hosts have got you covered.
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  • Sales automation
  • Campaign setup
  • Multi-touch revenue attribution
  • Website personalisation
  • Adaptive testing
  • Custom event triggers
  • Sales playbooks
  • Lead scoring
  • AI platforms
  • Digital ads
  • And much more.
Season 2
22:05 Min This is how TikTok is replacing Google
Is TikTok good for business? Our hosts explore the rise of short-form video consumption and the...
27:10 Min You won’t believe it! AI actually wrote this video
Marketers, rejoice! Your job just got WAY easier and more productive. And it’s thanks to the...
21:37 Min Sack your sales & marketing teams! Automate, instead
Is AI replacing sales pros? Due to the prevalence of sales automation, your job will evolve —...
19:59 Min Your Sales CRM is broken.
Here's why ...
Sales reps on average spent 5 hours every week on data entry, when they should be focusing more...
21:22 Min All your ads platforms are now irrelevant
Ads platforms are far more complex and in depth than ever before. However, most companies...
20:43 Min Why You Don't Need a Website in 2023
Is having a "website" still relevant? The internet has 2 billion and only 20% are active!...
Season 1
30:31 Min Custom Dashboards
We unpack HubSpot’s Custom Dash Boards where you can get amazing, real-time insights.
24:31 Min Behavioural Events
We unpack HubSpot’s Behavioural Triggers to build active email lists based on contact behaviour...
33:30 Min Custom Objects and Sandboxes
We unpack HubSpot’s Custom Objects and Sandboxes.

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