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Insights from Salted Stone


Increasing Dwell Time & Building for Engagement

A few additional seconds of dwell time on your website can dramatically impact it's effectiveness and bolster your SERP rankings. Are you designing and creating content with engagement in mind?
Brandon Jones

Unsplash & Salted Stone Present: Using Stock Photography to Enhance User Experience

Stock photography can impact a brand's aesthetic value, effect usability, and either destroy or improve User Experience on websites, marketing collateral, or branded materials. So, we teamed up with the experts at Unsplash, to help you make smarter stock selections and keep leads engaged.
Abby Thompson
Company & Culture

Big (like, really big) news from the Salted Stone team!

This year, Salted Stone turned 10 years old. We’re celebrating our birthday in a big, big way.
Abby Thompson

The Art of the Explainer Video

Video marketing giant Wistia & digital agency Salted Stone tackle all things explainer video: from production (length, format, style, script writing, and audio) to placement, analysis, and marketing!
Abby Thompson
Facebook Selling
Business Strategy

Your Treasure Map to a Winning Facebook Ecommerce Strategy

These are the 5 necessary components of an effective Facebook ecommerce strategy. Learn about Ads, Messenger, Shop, and more.
Talar Malakian
GROW Data Driven Summit-667376-edited
Business Strategy

Developing a Data-Backed Go-to-Market Strategy

The central takeaway of this year's #DataDrivenSummit, organized by Grow.com, was a rather simple one: everything we do must be informed by data. When preparing a go-to-market strategy, how are you using numbers to inform messaging, buyer profiles, and the pricing and packaging of your business?
Christian Welborn
Business Strategy

What Is a Business Intelligence Dashboard & Do I Actually Need One?

Business Intelligence Dashboards (BIDs) help improve strategic decision making. Our introduction to BIDs includes definitions, examples, and instructions for getting started.
Andrew Levy
Business Strategy

Why You Need a Third-Party Audit to Assess Marketing and Sales

Why should you hire an outside agency to conduct a digital brand audit? Because if you don’t, you’ll miss the most important results.
Brandon Jones
Business Strategy

How To Grow Your B2B Network With LinkedIn

It’s been estimated that of all the B2B leads generated across social media, 80% of them originate on LinkedIn. Marketers - ignore this network at your own risk!
Alex Baker
Business Strategy

Building Process in a Growth Phase: Why We Don’t Get Too Married to Process

Building and rolling out processes is a constant focus, but we don't get too married to our ideas
Aubrey Beck
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Business Strategy

Why You're Better Off Outsourcing to a HubSpot Partner Agency than Hiring In-House

Should you outsource inbound marketing services to an agency?
Mike Skeehan
Inbound Marketing Agency
Business Strategy

Why We Became an Inbound Marketing Agency & You Should Too!

Managing Partner Mike lays out our decision to become an inbound agency through the lens of philosophy.
Mike Skeehan
Business Strategy

7 Internet Marketing Tips for Small Business

7 ways to improve your marketing without burning a hole in your pocket.
Aubrey Beck

Featured Case Studies

business objectives
Business Strategy

Building Websites That Contribute to Business Growth

Get creative in order to integrate business objectives into website design.
Mike Skeehan