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ResMed's Digital Transformation

Tony Eades

With the launch of a new direct to consumer brand and the need to optimise the entire customer journey, ResMed Australia partnered with Salted Stone (APAC) to create a HubSpot driven customer experience like no other.


Let’s start with ResMed

ResMed is an Australian company that has been operating for over 30 years and is recognised as a global leader in the development of treatments for a range of sleep and breathing conditions. 

While many people use ResMed's industry-leading products, apps and cloud software to manage their sleep and other respiratory conditions, there are still millions more that are not getting the help and sleep they need to live a healthy life. 

ResMed recognised that consumers are being underserved when it comes to managing their sleep. Often people seek information from various channels and visit multiple doctors just to understand their sleep issues, then receive conflicting advice and end up trying all sorts of treatments before they find something that works. Then, as their situation changes or their equipment no longer meets their needs, they struggle to get ongoing support..

The Challenge 

ResMed’s primary goal is to grow the sleep health industry and make it easier for people to access the help they require whenever, wherever they need it. With the number of people suffering from untreated sleep problems going up, not down, they realised it’s time for a new approach – one that raises awareness and attracts customers to ResMed’s solutions by leveraging digital channels with personalisation. 

Previously distributing their product through dealer partnerships, ResMed needed to establish a B2C digital footprint that tied in seamlessly with their existing bricks and mortar stores and call centre experience, and consolidate their various retail brands under one consumer-focused brand, ResMed. Most importantly the solution needed to be built in a way that allowed ResMed to continually grow and build upon it once the initial launch and engagement had commenced.

“While we have a great internal digital team it was clear we needed help. Fortunately for us having worked with Salted Stone before we knew they had the skill set and the ability to scale and deliver this project on time.” 

Matt Shaw, Lead Digital Transformation


Nathan Murphy | ResMed Project Lead

Salted Stone's Solution

The combined teams across ResMed and Salted Stone knew that to deliver the growth that ResMed was looking to achieve, the solution needed to delight ResMed customers across all phases of the journey they took with ResMed.

In a series of strategic workshops, Salted Stone worked with ResMed to identify growth opportunities, develop buyer personas, map the customer journey and ideate creative solutions across content, design, UI, UX and lead generation.

This strategy identified many areas ResMed could achieve success and included the build of a new website on HubSpot’s CMS which accomplished the following aspects:

  1. Launch ResMed’s product catalogue directly to consumers via dynamic CTAs, integrated e-commerce and product search.
  2. Accommodate multiple different personas and pathways leading to relevant personalised information, solutions and products through the use of smart content, progressive profiling and interactive tools.
  3. Consolidate all existing websites, content and offers into one central ecosystem with flexible drag-and-drop custom modules.
  4. Channel customers into a personalised pathway that takes someone from research to screening and advice to diagnosis to treatment and ongoing support, all centrally managed via deal pipelines and driven by deal stage and contact activity triggered automation.
  5. Introduced added functionality like online appointment booking, location search, and support via phone, email or live chat.

Nathan Murphy | ResMed Project Lead

Which HubSpot tools did Salted Stone use for this solution?

Custom Modules: The entire website is built using custom drag and drop modules. This means that the marketing team was able to edit, add, and delete website modules without needing the help of a developer.

Personalisation: With personalisation playing such an important role in the user’s journey, it was critical Salted Stone incorporated this approach where ever possible. A great example of this is the dynamic greeting each viewer sees, welcomed by name and presented with time-based tips and solutions relevant to their morning, afternoon, evening, and late night sleeping habits and energy levels.  

HubDB Solution Finder: Salted Stone built the Solution Finder to be dynamic and smart. The Solution Finder has a stealth HubSpot form behind it which collects user data (contact record without email) then is able to trigger personalisation with smart content.

HubSpot CMS Store Finder (integrated with HubDB): We built the ResMed Store Finder within the HubSpot CMS that leveraged HubDB to house an easy-to-update database of ResMed stores, including location data, store information and appointment booking links. Using the HubSpot API, our custom integration with Google Maps allows customers to search store listings in the HubDB by location, or navigate on an auto-location-detected map display to quickly find stores in their area.


ResMed has experienced countless successes all thanks to the transformation delivered by Salted Stone. 

The results speak for themselves…

  • ResMed has seen conversion rates of lead-generation offers consistently achieving 25-40%. 
  • The ResMed Online Sleep Assessment has seen a >40% conversion rate where the industry average for a landing page is just 4%.
  • The lead generation tools built on HubSpot, saw monthly leads triple (an increase of 150%).
  • 25% of these leads went on to be customers who purchased a home sleep test and 10% went on to purchase long term sleep therapy and treatment.
  • In the first few months, qualified leads grew from hundreds to then thousands per month. 
  • Revenue from ResMed’s e-commerce channel maintained steady growth because of the lnbound Flywheel strategy wrapped around the entire digital channel. 

Salted Stone’s HubSpot tech know-how surpassed ResMed’s expectations on what they would have in place from day one. These included:

  • Dynamic personalisation across the site with Smart CTAs.
  • A Knowledge Base that became a key aspect of the help portal.
  • Automated Workflows for customer nurturing and sales team efficiencies.
  • Integrations with third-party tools, like e-commerce, search and booking services, to further enhance the customer experience.
  • Seamless customer journeys thanks to automated deal creation, deal stage triggers and deal pipelines connecting marketing, sales and service efforts.


Here’s the impact of the solution upon ResMed’s business, as shared by the ResMed team:

“The transformation itself grew and became a revolution. Rather than a single team owning and supporting ResMed’s digital channel, the way Salted Stone architected HubSpot to be central to our business, has seen HubSpot be embraced by all areas of ResMed’s business.  Whether it's marketing working to attract more customers, the sales and service team engaging with customers, the customer is now truly at the centre of our business – being delighted.

Salted Stone’s approach to customer experience and customer journey mapping was exactly what ResMed’s digital transformation needed. The success we have seen, both in the project and following its implementation, would not have been achieved if it wasn’t for this approach.”

Need we say more? In the spirit of our project's customer centric approach, we’ll let our client have the last word…

Nathan Murphy | ResMed Project Lead

Looking to start your own ResMed journey? Start with our 90 minute Springboard workshop to discover your potential.

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