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Meet our award-winning team.


We've been in this business for over a decade, and have built an operation predicated on constant refinement and relentless growth.

We're still collaborating, educating ourselves and each other, playing on the floor with dogs, drinking beers, and lovingly forcing people to cut and serve cake to everyone on their birthdays. We power through intense strategy sessions, pool our collective brainpower to conceptualize innovative solutions, support each other when it’s crunch time, and come back the next day to do it all over again.

Global AF

We might be spread across two hemispheres, operating on both sides of the planet, but we’re all on the same page. We’re serious about what we do, and the commitments we make to our clients.


We approach every challenge with an exploratory mindset. We don’t have easy, pre-written answers to our client’s questions; we have a constantly evolving, highly rigorous, and interdisciplinary framework for solving problems – and it works, because we hire folks who know a lot, and grow a lot.



We operate within a cooperative framework, predicated on versatility, that puts data and research at the core of our approach. The flexible conceptualization and implementation of ideas allows us to make adjustments informed by ongoing analysis.


Our fully in-house team is comprised of accomplished developers, creatives, strategists, writers, marketers, and account managers. We rely on one another to share best practices, inform decisions around production, and lend perspectives for a more complete vision.


As technologies and trends shift, we improve and build upon our methodology - constantly adjusting procedures from research and ideation, to implementation, and ongoing assessment.


Our Culture Code

We empower our people to help shape what’s next for us.


Our Culture Code

We think in terms of sustainable growth, and work to craft the future of digital every day.


Our Culture Code

We like autonomy, but we like each other, too.


Our Culture Code

We strive to do work that we love.


Our Culture Code

We place attitude & effort before perfection.


Our Culture Code

We believe that clients are a gift to receive with gratitude and handle with care.


Our Culture Code

We hire with purpose and resolve to treat every member of our team according to their intrinsic dignity.


Our Culture Code

We respect processes by improving upon them all the time.

Things That Reflect Our Culture

We donate 10%
of profit to charity
Peer recognition
bonus system
Paid memberships
to local gyms
Free music streaming
for employees
Access to educational resource sites
Free snacks and
subtly flavored bubble water
Monthly team lunches on the house
Sometimes people
work from home
Pretty cool holiday and summer parties
Random D&D nights, team hikes, trivia, and chili cook-offs
Craft beers on tap at our built-in bar

Meet the team.

  • Leadership
  • Client Services
  • Creative
  • Development
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Strategy
  • All

Jonadene Badar

Web Developer

Anshul Bagdiya

Technical Specialist

Nicholas Brown

Social Media Specialist

Shae Callahan

Account Coordinator

Michelle Chu

Director of Technology

David Cornman

Account Manager

Melissa De Guzman

Visual Designer

Phil Dupertuis

Director of Client Services

Jason Feller

Lead Strategist

Steve Gomez

Graphic Designer

Raquel Gonzales

Visual Designer

Jose Han

Director of Technical Marketing

Thanh Hoang

Visual Designer

Kathleen Huang

Interaction Design Lead

Brandon Jones


Daniel Kwok

Account Manager

Kevin Lee

Development Team Lead

Talar Malakian


Mitch McKenzie

Creative Director

Brian Mitrof

Technical Marketing Specialist

Silvia Ohanian

Account Coordinator

Cindy Park

Director of People Operations

Lyndsay Peters

Account Manager

Sabrina Roussel

Account Manager

Ben Sack

Copywriting Specialist

Paige Sander

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Tim Shepard

Account Manager

Aaron Silverstein

Video Production Manager

Andrew Siskind

Director of Content

Sam Siskind

Senior Director of Operations

Alex Sivro

Dev Ops Lead

Mike Skeehan

Chief Executive Officer

Renee Smith

Technical Marketer

Abby Thompson

Director of Marketing

Diego Torres

Junior Designer

Aaron Wei

Senior Front-End Developer

Christian Welborn

Account Manager

Kevin Wheatcraft

Senior Account Manager

Stephen Yager

Senior Web Engineer

Natalie Yang

Visual Design Lead

Adam Zabinsky

Account Manager

Andrew Levy

Senior Director of Operations

Meika Birch-Davis

AM Team Lead

Mitra Aspandiar

Account Manager

Jamie Black

Account Manager

Tim Eades

Account Coordinator

Glenn Purcell

Creative Team Lead

Lester Dechos

Visual Designer

Kasia Wojcikowska

Visual Designer

Michael Peach

Technical Marketing Specialist

Karen Cagape

Development Team Lead

June Lapera

Web Developer

Kris Galanida

Development Team Lead

Mary Jean Mapalo

Web Developer

Shawn Romanillos

Web Developer

Maria Eades

Director of People & Culture

Tony Eades

Chief Strategy Officer

Salted Bone

Bork bork bork. Bork bork. Bork!

Jade McKenzie

Director of Dog Creative

Kodi Chu

Director of D2D Barketing

Matzah Siskind

Director of Dog Operations

Sox Skeehan

Dog Managing Partner