The Team is comprised of uncommonly skilled and dedicated individuals from all walks of life.

We're an ethnically and culturally diverse band of misfits and weirdos. We canvas the Meyers-Briggs spectrum. We've got strategists, creatives, coders, writers and marketing ops all under the same roof. And we mostly get along with each other.


Our Culture Code


We're committed to being the top pound-for-pound digital agency.


We believe that every client is a gift that should be approached with gratitude.


We believe that work should liberate and not oppress.


We believe in the dignity of each member of our team.


We do not expect perfection. We do expect accountability, especially as it relates to Attitude and Effort.


We value a warm, familial and fun workplace environment.


We aspire to encourage entrepreneurial mindsets.


We believe in autonomy not autocracy.


Things We Do That Reflect Our Culture

We donate 10%
of profit to charity.
Quarterly off-site
company events.
Throw an awesome
Holiday party.
Kegs on tap in the office.
bonus system.
Rotating work-from-home Fridays.
Dog-friendly office environment.

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Meet the Team

These folks make the magic happen—and we're not talking about digital wizardry. Actually... yes, that's exactly what we're talking about.

Anshul Bagdiya

Technical Specialist

David Cornman

Account Manager

Melissa De Guzman

Visual Designer

Phil Dupertuis

Director of Client Services

Jason Feller

Director of Content

Steve Gomez

Graphic Designer

Michelle Guo

Director of Technology

Jose Han

Technical Marketing Manager

Thanh Hoang

Visual Designer

Kathleen Huang

Interaction Design Lead

Kevin Lee

Development Team Lead

Talar Malakian

Senior Account Manager

Mitch McKenzie

Creative Director

Brian Mitrof

Technical Marketing Specialist

Sabrina Roussel

Account Coordinator

Cindy Park

Director of People Operations

Paige Sander

Influencer Marketing Specialist

Tim Shepard

Account Manager

Ben Sack

Copywriting Specialist

Aaron Silverstein

Video Production Manager

Silvia Ohanian

Account Coordinator

Andrew Siskind

Content Specialist

Lyndsay Peters

Account Manager

Sam Siskind

Director of Operations

Alex Sivro

Front-End Tech Lead

Mike Skeehan

Managing Partner

Logan Smith

Account Coordinator

Renee Smith

Technical Marketer

Abby Thompson

Director of Marketing

Diego Torres

Junior Designer

Aaron Wei

Senior Front-End Developer

Christian Welborn

Account Manager

Kevin Wheatcraft

Senior Account Manager

Stephen Yager

Senior Web Engineer

Natalie Yang

Visual Design Lead

Adam Zabinsky

Account Manager

Salted Bone

Bork bork bork. Bork bork. Bork!

Jade McKenzie

Director of Dog Creative

Kodi Chu

Director of D2D Barketing

Matzah Siskind

Director of Dog Operations

Sox Skeehan

Dog Managing Partner

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