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Customer Success

Salted Stone Helps Boxed Water Operationalize a Shift in Messaging: A Social Media Marketing Campaign Case Study

Boxed Water is a sustainable water company that offers a more eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.
Talar Malakian
Company & Culture

Hello, Dublin: Salted Stone has Set Up Shop Across the Pond

We’ve entered the EMEA region full steam ahead, and our team in Dublin is ready to help your business grow.
Paige Sander
Company & Culture

Salted Stone’s Hottest Takes from INBOUND ‘19

We’re back from HubSpot INBOUND ‘19 and ready to share our hottest takes about parental leave, conversational marketing, multi-touch attribution, and more.
Adam Zabinsky

You’ve Been Lied to About Personalized Email Marketing

Email personalization is often unnecessary and can actually be a turnoff for potential buyers. So why do people keep recommending it?
Ben Sack

3 Questions to Answer before Beginning the Process of Redesigning Your Website

Understanding the process of a web redesign is key before committing to any changes
Aubrey Beck

Why Optimizing Your Website Needs to Be an Urgent Priority

44% of online shoppers won't return to a site that isn't mobile optimized.
Aubrey Beck

Our First WordPress Plugin!

Our new "Smart Quote Fixer" plugin for Wordpress is available now
Aubrey Beck
Google Analytics

Tailoring Google Analytics for Custom-Fitted Marketing

Create Custom Dimensions to reveal more specific demographic information about your site visitors.
Aubrey Beck

PHP Live Output

This is a pretty cool post and it's about something'
Stephen Yager

Abstracted JavaScript Form Validator

Check out this custom built JavaScript form validator for usage in any form.
Stephen Yager
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