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Salted Stone earns HubSpot CRM Implementation Accreditation

Brandon Jones
HubSpot Website Migration

How Great Place To Work Revamped Their Site Using HubSpot’s Latest Tools

Kaley Deneen
Business Growth HubSpot

How Bertram Yachts Adopted a Seaworthy Product Configurator With HubSpot

Salted Stone and Bertram worked together to create a Build and Price tool that enhanced the customer experience and simplified Bertram's internal operations.
Ethan Ames
Websites Branding

Developing a New Brand Identity & Website to Enable an Era of Growth

ServiceNow provider Thirdera needed a fresh brand identity and website that would support current needs and set the stage for exponential growth.
Melissa De Guzman
Brand identity and visual identity: What’s the difference?

Brand Identity and Visual Identity: What’s the Difference?

Your company’s visual identity is a set of cohesive design elements and guidelines. Brand identity is a broader term that includes, but is not limited to, visuals.
Melissa De Guzman
Man in front of sunlit window
HubSpot Partner

Full Transparency: Is It Worth It to Hire a HubSpot Partner Agency?

We break down the actual costs and benefits of hiring a HubSpot partner agency compared to the alternatives, like in-house employees and flat-rate services.
Steve Ambuul
Customer Success

Case Study: Cedar Woods’ Inbound Success

Today’s most disruptive companies are winning on customer experience (CX) and driving revenue growth with a CRM at the centre of it all. How you sell now matters more than what you sell.
Tony Eades
Webinar Strategy
Marketing Strategy

Pivoting Fast and Earning New Leads in a Complex, Niche Industry

A strategic program with Salted Stone helped N-SIDE reach new leads in the complex energy industry in Europe.
Sabrina Roussel
Man checking laptop for conversational UI
Conversational Marketing

Chatbots and Conversational UI in 2023

Thinking about chatbots as conversational UIs helps create a whole new way of thinking about these tools and their usefulness for marketing and sales. 
Andrew Siskind
Virtual feedback session (Source: Unsplash)
Customer Success

Giving Great Feedback to Your Agency Paves the Path to Success

We asked our production team for their top tips. Follow this advice, and you’ll maximize the ROI of your agency relationship and the success of your projects.
Tim Shepard
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Remote customer support (Source: AdobeStock)
Customer Success HubSpot

3 Ways to Create Delightful Customer Experiences with HubSpot & Intercom

On their own, Intercom and Hubspot are incredible customer delight tools. When their powers combine, your teams, leads, and customers will benefit in a big way.
Matthew Reed
Illustrator at work (source: Unsplash)

4 Website Illustration Styles That Aren’t Corporate Memphis: Designer Explains

Line work, clean, textured, isometric. Here are four website illustration styles we love, and a process for choosing the one that suits your brand.
Sal Castrejon
Customer Success Business Growth

Rejuvenating PLAY’s HubSpot & Inbound Strategy

How Salted Stone deployed an end-to-end inbound marketing and sales strategy for FMCG innovation consultancy, PLAY.
Gabriel (Gabe) McCarthy

Featured Case Studies


The Dos and Don'ts of Lead Nurturing Emails

Sales enablement content is designed to move leads down the funnel, from passive consumer to potential closed deal. Using nurture emails to move them along offers the chance to inform, entertain, and court your potential or existing customers.
Ben Sack
Marketing Strategy

Salted Stone’s Integrated Approach to Paid Media

Paid media is the highest-risk component of a digital marketing strategy, which makes it critical to choose the right paid media agency as your partner.
Meghan Rosales

Why You Really Need a Plan for Your Next Website Redesign

There are all kinds of reasons a website project can go sour, but the most common is trying to update a website without a strategic project plan.
Glenn Purcell