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Map the Gap Video: How Salted Stone's Creatives Solved the Healthcare Problem

Phil Dupertuis
ReleasePoint was ready to launch ROMI and needed a way to educate practice managers about the nuances of the software and service in a way that would be informative, searchable, and accessible.
Paradigm Health Plansmission is to bring humanity back to the delivery of healthcare benefits. The company's perception is that far too often, this process lacks a necessary human touch.


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They built MAP (Member Advantage Program) as a way to humanize healthcare. MAP makes accessing high-quality care easier, with easy-to-understand benefits and a personal MAP team member assigned to every user.

MAP provides a dedicated point-of-contact through every step of the healthcare journey, from understanding benefits to saving money on procedures and medications, to offering guidance on how to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Paradigm Health Plans retained Salted Stone's services for a complete website redesign and product video to spread the word about MAP.


The Design

We worked with the client to identify personas for the video's target audience and our creative team expanded on the initial direction provided by the client and set out creating a script and storyboard for a video that would relay the complexities and nuances of MAP in a simple yet entertaining manner.

Salted Stone's Content Lead, Alex Baker drafted an initial version of the script. After working through multiple iterations with the client and our Director of Marketing Programs, Aubrey Beck, we were able to finalize the script.

Creative Director, Mitch McKenzie then moved forward with creating the video, which was launched along with with Paradigm's new website in February.


The Results

The video we produced for Paradigm Health Plans was a success because it succeeded in breaking down the complexities and nuances of the healthcare system in America, and how the MAP program could be of value in a way that was appealing to the personas we targeted.

Our team was able to take a complex product solution and break it down into something that was fun and entertaining, but that still delivered Paradigm Health Plans' brand message about MAP.

Launching the video coincided with an 10% decrease in bounce rate from Paradigm Health Plans' site.

The success of the Paradigm Health Plans video is an example of Salted Stone's creative and marketing teams working together and smoothly executing on a big project that delivered innovative work which exceeded client expectations.




Watch the Video

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