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Building a Product Launch Strategy for First-to-Market Wood Business Cards

Talar Malakian
Salted Stone works with the team at Silkcards, a B2B custom printing company, to develop omnichannel marketing strategies for their unique and beautifully crafted lineup of products. From suede to linen, metallic, plastic, custom die cut, and foil options, Silkcards’ innovative approach to business card design is unmatched.

So it came as no surprise when they announced the development of a fresh, unconventional, and totally new-to-market product line: wooden business cards.

Tasked with developing an awareness-raising launch plan and driving sample requests through a series of email and social media efforts, the Salted Stone team got to work.

The goals were clear: encourage resellers and dealers in the Silkcards network, as well as visitors of 4ColorPrint.com (their B2C sub-brand) to learn more about the product, request samples, and purchase the new wood cards for their businesses.

Wood Card 1


When designing social media assets, taking product photographs, and building the landing page and custom email templates for the campaign, the Salted Stone team took inspiration from Apple and other tech product launches. The cards had to feel larger than life and almost futuristic in order to generate the most impact with customers.

“We wanted to make sure we showed the quality, craftsmanship and production capabilities of the wood cards through art direction, so that resellers and end users could better appreciate a print technique that would bring their brand identity to life”

-- Talar Malakian, Strategist


Wood Card Illustration 2The Wood Card landing page is Silkcards’ most viewed since 2016, with a 58% view to submission rate - nearly triple their 20% historical benchmark.

In just two months and with only organic (unpaid) marketing efforts, the page accumulated 3,086 views and 1,789 submissions.

Promotional workflow emails saw an average of 24% open rate and a 4% click-through rate. 

The post-request nurture email written to alert recipients that their samples are on the way, saw a 60.4% open rate and a 4% click-through rate.

The follow-up email prompting sample recipients to order cards had a 48.8% open rate and a 7.2% click-through rate.

Wood Card Email 2

Wood Card Email 1













Over 730 Marketing Qualified Leads have been generated through the campaign within the first two months of it's launch.

"We were so overwhelmed by responses and requests for samples that we had to double production of our Wood Cards!"
- Henry Fan, CEO of Silkcards

In addition to reaching the immediate goal of creating interest around a totally new offering, Account Manager Sabrina Roussel believes producing a campaign like this helped both teams "better understand how Silkcards’ contacts respond not only to new products but also to custom digital experiences." This knowledge will carry over into R&D conversations, and future strategic initiatives.

Wood Card Illustration 1

Salted Stone crafted an omnichannel product launch and awareness-building campaign using marketing emails, social media posts, and a dedicated landing page. The results? An effective, 100% unpaid strategy for driving interest and introducing a peerless product to market.


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