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Modern PR: Engaging Micro-Influencers to Tally Up Earned Media Inbound Links

Aubrey Beck
Back in LA after the last day of the 2016 Content Marketing Summit in Park City, Utah, and thinking through all of the bits of wisdom around influencer marketing that was shared during the conference.

Heather Green, Director of Content Marketing at Caesars Entertainment, talked through her experience of finding a sweet spot with leveraging social media influencers to get “heads in beds.”

Green takes the time to engage with niche influencers and builds natural campaigns around a practice of allowing the influencers to create content in their own way, without forcing a predetermined content agenda. Her efforts have resulted in garnering considerably more social impressions and earned media than was even expected from the campaigns initially. 

Tallying Earned Media

Building up earned media hits is one of the primary goals behind content marketing efforts—it’s also one of the more elusive goals a marketer can aim for. So how can you increase the chances that you’ll tally up those treasured inbound links and unpaid mentions for your organization?

It all starts with expectations around what needs to happen after content is produced and published. The modern public relations professional understands that they’re working in a hybrid role: social media detective, content marketing strategist, and—most importantly—distribution and social influence expert.

This modern public relations requires the ability and commitment to: 

  • Running deep audience social influence analysis
  • Setting socially-rooted PR outreach strategies
  • Identifying high relevancy, high affinity, mid-tier niche influencer opportunities  
  • Compiling paid ad target lists for lynchpin influencers in competitive follower bases
  • Executing influencer outreach, management, tracking

Grabbing a Seat at the Dinner Table

The initial research into social influence is the vital first step in developing an influencer strategy that will maximize your ability to garner earned media hits and affect your intended audience. The magic of this work comes in revealing a network of micro-influencers—those creators who have the attention of a tightly honed, highly engaged followership—in the digital spaces where you seek a spot at the table.


With an understanding of exactly who in the crowd is hosting the dinner party, you’re able to better target PR outreach efforts to improve the odds that the content you’re promoting will end up getting organic views and clicks from being featured on blogs, social channels and media outlets that are naturally aligned with your message.

You can catch replay action from the 2016 Digiday Content Marketing Summit at #DigidayDCMS. That’s all for now. See you on the Twitter!
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