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Reflecting on 2014 and All the Things We're Grateful For

Aubrey Beck

It's hard not to feel super grateful as we sit here watching the rain come down outside our office windows. Grateful for the rain we've so desperately needed out here in drought-ravaged California, and grateful for the incredible year we've had here at Salted Stone.

So as the rain washes away the last remnants of 2014, we want to take a moment to express gratitude for some of our favorite things from this year...

Fearless Leaders

Mike kicked ass non-stop all year long to continue our six-year record of double-digit growth for the agency. He puts together strategic plans and proposals for all of our clients, helps new leads see the value in getting onboard with inbound marketing, arrives to the office crazy early every morning and works late into the night 6 days a week to make sure that we always have a full client roster and plenty of awesome projects to keep us all gainfully employed.

New Friends


We welcomed four new team members - Jose, Michelle, Kristen and Natalie - who have all quickly become integral parts of our team and the Salted Stone family.

Jose takes on projects fearlessly while remaining humble and kind - he has a great laugh and lucky for us, we get to hear it often.

Michelle is our first female developer, works diligently every day and always remembers little details from personal conversations which makes everyone feel special.

Natalie is our newest addition to the team and we're so lucky to have her.
Her design work is top notch and her sweet smile spreads warmth through the whole office.

Old Friends

When I started working with Salted Stone over a year and a half ago, I thought the coolest job perk was the free beer (our office is on the second floor over a pub!) - but, I was totally wrong. The best benefit to come of all of this has been the new friends that came with the job.

was the first employee hired to work at Salted Stone. His determination, self-drive to learn new skills, and super-human levels of patience are nothing short of incredible. He's a thoughtful friend and a person you can rely on 100% of the time.

Alex is the linchpin of our operation, keeping all of our myriad projects moving forward and delivered on time. He's a hybrid developer/designer with a keen understanding of what it takes to bring a project through to completion. Alex is intelligent, engaging, witty and all of the other things you could ever hope your kid would grow up to embody.

Stephen is our agency's secret weapon. His deep knowledge of programming allows the rest of the team here the ability to create without reservation, because we never have to worry if we'll be able to execute our ideas digitally - we know Stephen will make it work. He's generous, kind-hearted and always willing to go out of his way to help a friend.

Mitch leads the design team here with staggering raw talent. His expert execution in the way of brand positioning and animation continuously wows not only our clients, but also the team here. Mitch is an inspiring person to have the chance to work with every day and he's always at the ready when anyone needs a helping hand.


The office went through a major renovation and makeover this year. We knocked down a wall, hung new art and opened up the work space to make room for our new team additions and some much needed natural light!

Partners & Clients

We're always grateful for our sister agency on the East Coast - Gabriel Marketing Group - and the exciting tech brands they bring to the table. And, of course, we wouldn't be here at all today talking about any of this if it weren't for our clients that trust us to execute their digital marketing plans.

From the launch of Santa Anita Park's new website, to the unveiling of GlobeCon's updated brand and our continued work with Purchase Green, we've been fortunate to stay busy helping our clients reach their business goals.

So as we move into the final weeks of the year and begin to look ahead to 2015, let's all remember to take a little time out to acknowledge and express gratitude for everything and everyone that the Universe put in our path this year.

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