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The Most Important Tool for Marketers in 2015 is a Lasso

Aubrey Beck

At a certain point, your company's marketing efforts, if left untethered, will unfold and extend into an unmanageable field of loose ends, lost causes and untrackable efforts. It is truly staggering to consider the amount of maintenance that is required to run marketing for a business, even if you choose to use a marketing automation tool.

solutions_contentCreationYou have to update and maintain the website, author blog posts, create and send out email marketing, post on social media, manage PPC ads, secure local search listings, ensure best practice SEO tactics are used, create landing pages with conversion forms, and launch one-off campaigns.

And this list doesn't even include reporting and the myriad of other marketing endeavors your company may be involved with. The overwhelm created by this web of marketing efforts can only be tamed by employing a lasso that's capable of reining in all the moving parts.

Tying It All Together: Attribution and Trend Reporting for Marketers

The past few years have brought an incredible array of new tools and channels with which we can reach our audience, but it's also created an unmanageable abundance of information that is spread across a gazillion different platforms each reporting into disparate data sources.

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By using a system or tool to lasso your marketing efforts and connect them with specific campaign-related threads, it becomes possible to identify trends and attribute credit accurately. This puts you in the position of being able to choose which campaigns or marketing efforts to abandon, and which of those tend to return the highest rewards for your efforts.

When every blog post, social media event, email blast, PPC ad, landing page and call-to-action related to a specific campaign is tagged with a unique identifier, it becomes possible to correctly attribute success milestones (or conversions) and map trends over time.

Basically, when you can lasso all the moving parts within your marketing herd and tie them together in one area, you're able to connect their resulting data in a cohesive way.

HubSpot: The Best Lasso for Data-Driven Marketers


For our agency, we've tried a couple of other marketing automation tools on the market and have come to find that HubSpot is far and away the best lasso on the market. HubSpot is easy to use and provides an intuitive way to tie every marketing action back to a unique campaign - even down to every last tweet and click of a CTA.


We're able to speak with authority when we deliver campaign results to our clients and the best part is the ability to really see - in tangible numbers - how effective a certain method is in driving the results we're seeking.

5With HubSpot, reporting has actually become a fun part of the process. We're not scrambling to tie together numbers from a half a dozen or more data sources to try and show a fully integrated picture to the client. With HubSpot we're able to log into one account and see EVERYTHING related to a specific initiative or campaign.

The fun part comes in when you're able to very easily identify trends or patterns that help inform the next direction we'll take or tweak we'll make on behalf of our clients.

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