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Why Animated Videos are So Powerful for Business

Aubrey Beck

At the heart of any successful inbound marketing strategy is the desire to be helpful by delivering engaging and useful content to your audience. And in the process of marketing your product over the months and years you've probably built up a great website with quality content that's attracting page views.

You have a blog full of thought-provoking posts that are published frequently and a resource catalog with case studies, white papers, eBooks and infographics. But have you considered adding animated video to your content strategy?

Turns out, videos increase people's understanding of your
product or service by 74%.

Not to mention, it's the fastest growing type of content on the web and because using animated videos for business purposes is one of the best ways to drive higher engagement levels. Also, not as many people have stepped into the video world yet, so you have a great opportunity to earn SEO karma points with thoughtful, engaging, helpful video content that gets user eyes.


That's why it's no accident that a growing number of businesses are investing in building out a video component to their inbound marketing strategy. Here are the four big advantages that come with using animated videos:

Improved Email Success Rates

The click through rate is two to three times higher when video is included in a marketing email. In addition, the use of video in email blasts leads to a 75% decrease in subscription opt-outs by brand followers.


Ability to Draw Comparisons

Generally speaking, we're all visual learners and with video making visual comparisons is easy. Through the use of graphics comparisons can be highlighted that assist in demonstrating value in a clear way. For example, showing a $900 price tag before flashing the actual $600 price tag makes the $600 price more palatable in the viewer's mind.

Explain Complicated Concepts Easily

In addition, practical drawings (or animations), as well as the use of metaphors are perfect for helping to explain more complicated processes. 

Drive Viewer Action

Videos on landing pages increase average page conversion rates by 86%. Enough said.

solutions_Video_AnimationAnimated product videos give a visual summary and rundown of the basic value props your business or product offers, while helping potential customers see the reasons why they should continue to learn more about what you do. A well-produced 30-second video can articulate a page full of information in a much more memorable way than if the prospect simply skimmed a webpage.

And with animated videos, the viewers are not only reading your message, they're also seeing it (experiencing it) and hearing it, so engagement levels are way higher.

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