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Moving Different Buyer Personas Through The Sales Cycle

Aubrey Beck

People don't usually arrive on your website for the first time ready to make a purchase. This may happen sometimes, but for the most part people are looking to learn a bit more, or be entertained, or just cruise around and explore your brand.

This is why it's crucial to invest in a well-thought-out content marketing and lead nurturing strategy. An effective strategy will accurately define the unique buyer personas that make up your potential customer pool, as well as take into account the various funnel stages that these different personas move through on their path to conversion.

Map Out Lead-Nurturing Content

Once you've identified the types of people arriving on your site, you can start to categorize them into various personas. This is the first step in being able to create an optimized sales cycle to match with each unique persona, because different types of customers will require different types of information before they're comfortable or ready to convert.

With solid lead nurturing, drip email campaign capabilities, you can begin to meet your customers where they are in the sales cycle. This is key in your being able to help guide them through funnel stages based on the content they're seeking, which naturally leads to an increase in conversion rates.

Here's an example of how the process might flow:

Say your lead's name is Lisa. Lisa searched for "IT Managed Services" and saw your ad.
She clicks your CPC ad, and ends up on a targeted landing page offering a consultation,
plus two CTA's.
If Lisa clicks one CTA, she is redirected to a gated case study, in which the ROI of your IT Managed Services is proven in context of a similar client relationship. If she clicks the other CTA, she can provide her email address and receive a free IT Audit Checklist. 
Lisa chooses the IT Audit Checklist and begins to assess her current operations. A week later, one of your sales representatives reaches out and asks how he can be helpful in her search for a Managed Service provider.


Lisa works closely with this person, and decides to move forward with the engagement. 
That means, YAY, a conversion!

It's kind of like writing a "choose your own adventure" book. As your customers make different decisions (where they click, what they engage with, emails they respond to, etc.) the content you roll out will vary.

All readers begin on page one, reading the same story, but as they make choices regarding what they would like to read, they end up moving down different storylines. The same thing happens when you map out content based on where varying buyer personas are in the conversion process. As such, personas may end up overlapping or sharing certain content at different points in their journeys based on how they're responding.

If you think your organization could benefit from this kind of strategy, please reach out to us! We specialize in building out results-driven content marketing plans and can help you to identify buyer personas, funnel stage strategies and drip marketing campaigns that will increase your conversion rates.
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