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Is Hubspot worth the high price?

Andrew Levy

As an Inbound Marketing agency and a HubSpot partner, we receive a lot of questions about whether or not HubSpot is worth the money. Well, we have a question for you: Are you ready to make this tool work for your money?


HubSpot is invaluable to many of its clients because of one thing: they use it well. Putting aside for one minute the subjectivity of its price, HubSpot pays for itself in the first 3 months if you do it right and then you will see the ROI. To dive a little deeper, you need to ask yourself, am I using everything on the platform I can to make my marketing work in the best possible way – and how do I know this?


It’s all in the setup of HubSpot that makes it so worthwhile. It needs your input in order for it to run seamlessly. Input like strategy and planning on a website level and also a brand level is needed at the beginning, because that's what you will continue to come back to again and again. Strategy and planning is mapped out within HubSpot in everything you do: tools, content, reporting; everything. Without the basics covered, many companies fall short of using HubSpot to its full capacity and fail to see its value.

Content: Setting up your landing pages, error pages, emails templates, blog templates and so on is the best way to use HubSpot to its full potential. You ‘ll save so much time if you install templates first thing rather than creating everything from scratch over and over again when rolling out campaigns.

Reporting: HubSpot measures everything that you do within it; from clicks and interactions on a top level down to MQL and SQL data further down the funnel. When you set up your reporting, and build your strategy around it, the benefits are endless.

Tools: HubSpot is diverse enough to integrate a range of tools for simple access to a range of services in one place.

HubSpot’s software integrates:

  1. A Content Management System (CMS) for hosting your website
  2. Blogging platform and social media tools for scheduling and tracking
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools
  4. Prospect Tracking
  5. Lead Intelligence
  6. Lead Generation Tools (Landing Pages, A/B Testing, CTA Generators)
  7. Email, Lead Nurturing and Workflow Automation
  8. Marketing Analytics that pull in data from all your channels
  9. CRM integration

Plus: HubSpot integrates 18 apps across their whole entire funnel for your use.

Whatever your need for HubSpot is, you have the capacity to shape it to your strategy. The average agency is likely to spend roughly $5,000-10,000 on marketing tools and software per month because of the multiple tools they have - one tool that does CRM, another for marketing automation, another for blogging and so on.

HubSpot's flexibility allows you to use just the tools you want, which is great because it's scalable to your brand's needs.

But remember - these are what makes Hubspot great, what makes it brilliant is why it’s worth the money.


Lead Nurturing: 79% of leads go dead - why? Because they aren’t nurtured. HubSpot integrates analytics and reporting for all of your tools, which means more intelligence from lead activity that can be fed into the sales division. So you’re buying back your leads with HubSpot because you are maximising the opportunity to convert to sales.

Integration with other platforms: As a marketer, one of your main goals is to bring all of your tools and applications into one program so that all the data is kept and you're able to analyse your entire marketing strategy from one location. HubSpot integrates with hundreds of the world's best apps, using an open API, which allows you to measure and report on specific and relevant information to feed back to C-Suite managers.

Simplicity & ease of use: HubSpot is built for the user; it’s easy to use and understand and is easy to roll out across your organisation. This means less training for your staff and a scalable platform accessible across different divisions. When HubSpot is compared to other automated platforms, it's well known that the functions are built for all levels of marketers. G2Crowd reviews HubSpot as the leading Inbound Marketing software available to marketers, with functionality that allows users from all levels to understand.

End-to-end platform: As a CMO or a marketer, you want to understand analytics or data from the top of the funnel. From PPC you want to be able to track through to landing page conversions, qualifications, opportunities and customers. Ideally you would like to know the value of your dollar spend for each source in terms of customer acquisition rather than impressions and CTR.

Support:  HubSpot are renowned for having a strong support network in videos, templates and online networks. HubSpot is not solely just product focussed support - you can use a partner to assist with marketing strategy and implementation for best practices.

That’s what makes HubSpot worth every cent you pay.

If you feel like you're not getting the most out of your HubSpot platform, Salted Stone offer a variety of training courses to ensure your Hubspot platform is being utilised correctly. Book a consultation with the Salted Stone team to find out what training is best for your needs!


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