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Time for a Marketing Action Plan

Tony Eades

We are in extremely difficult times with uncertainty everywhere and our environment changing weekly, even daily. With future predictions full of speculation, mixed factual data and conflicting leaders gambling on what to do next, business owners are left unclear on what they should or shouldn't be doing with their business right now.

At our agency, we believe that we need to keep one eye on the current situation and one eye on the future - after all, a crisis won’t last forever. We’ve created this #BeyondCovid-19 blog resource for starters to think beyond the current challenges and help businesses prepare a short term action plan whilst working on medium-longer term objectives.

A Short-Term Action Plan

Your short-term marketing plan in terms of one to three months should pivot your business thinking from growth to survival. This is the time when your marketing activities, your communications strategy and where you invest your time and effort will have the largest and most dramatic impact. This is the time to think creatively and fast - speed to market is critical.

It’s the time for blue ocean strategic thinking.

Work with your team to workshop what’s not working for you in your sales and marketing and what is working well. Then brainstorm what could you do? Using the following matrix to sort your ideas into one of four categories...


Your immediate actions will come from the bottom right quadrant - low effort to create the highest impact. Add to your plan the items from the top right quadrant as this the future proofing of your business, #BeyondCovid-19.

The impact of every action you undertake may be positive or negative, and it may be minor or major. There’s never been a better time than right now to A/B test or try something new, something different. Whatever happens fail fast, make changes and launch again.

If you need help then let’s brainstorm together - whatever you do you have to take back control of things that are easily manageable, such as social media, paid advertising, blogging, educational video, product demos, free offers and trials etc. It’s critical that your sales and marketing channels and teams are aligned - SMarketing like never before.

Salted Stone can help you build unstoppable forward momentum in just 90 minutes with the Springboard workshop.

A marketing action plan should be prospect focused, content driven, measurable, ROI driven and - in this new world of inbound marketing, automated. After all, why set-up an effective marketing strategy that only performs once. Create great content your customers want to see, deliver it through a systemised process that drives analytics and then set it on 'autopilot'.

During this Off-Air session, we cover Buyer Persona's, Content Strategy and Automated Inbound Marketing just to mention a few of the topics.



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