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The key to creating a lead generating website

Tony Eades

Nielsen Group did a survey recently and found that we have just 59 seconds on a website before we lose our visitors. So why do they leave? Well, there's three main reasons they reckon from this survey. Number one is they don't get what they expect when they come to the website, number two is they don't know what to do when they're there in the first place and number three is they suspect that maybe you're not that genuine. So three main areas to look at in terms of your homepage and how to make it more effective, so you've got a great lead generating website.


Let's start with navigation, for example. You need to show people where they can find the relevant information they're looking for quickly. They're on the internet for two reasons, entertainment or information. Generally in a business world, we're looking at information. So menus are important, toolbars, sidebars, CTAs (that's Call To Actions) to tell people what we want them to do next.


Good design practise is vital. If the website doesn't look inviting, attractive and modern, they're not going to stay in the first place. Make sure your navigation bar, your menu is at the top of the page because that's where people expect to find it, especially on a mobile device. And also, repeat the navigation at the footer because when people are scrolling down reading your information, they don't want to have to go all the way to the top before they can go to the next section.


Also, get into the habit of using breadcrumbs, that tracks the journey of people as they go through your website so they can easily go back to an earlier section if they wish. Use hyperlinks, right, your content so people can link to a word that's relevant to their search and obviously have a general site search on your website so if they know what they're looking for from the very beginning, they can find the relevant page on your website.


This is all good practise that makes for a lead generating website.


The key to creating a lead generating website - MM112 (720p)




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