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Inbound Marketing: Converting your website visitors into leads

Tony Eades

So you've got visitors to your website, but how do you convert them into leads? Well, the first thing to do is to think about why they're there on your website in the first place.


Generally, people are on the web for two reasons, a bit of entertainment or mainly information. So your customers or potential customers are going through a particular pain point or a search for something that they need. So, therefore, they're on your website as a potential solution to this problem.


So we need to create a landing page that's relevant to them. The difference between a landing page and a web page is there's no navigation. We don't want to confuse them or give them any opportunity to go anywhere else except on this particular landing page. So on the page, there's just one call to action. It's all about funnelling them down the channel that we want them to take.


So this one call to action is to download a piece of information that's relevant to their particular pain point. It's content that they'd be willing to pay for, because they've got this burning desire to solve this issue. So they're willing to pay for the content, but we don't want them to pay for it. What we want to do is to get some information from them, so we'll ask for their name and their email address.


This helps us as we go through this lead nurturing programme that we want to go through later. Once they've downloaded the ebook, a thank you page pops up, but of course that's not all. It's not just a thank you page. It's also an opportunity for you to give them a second offer, link them to some of your social channels, and also subscribe to your blog. 


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