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Big (like, really big) news from the Salted Stone team!

Abby Thompson

This year, Salted Stone turned 10 years old. 
But, we’re actually quite mature for our age... most of the time.

Over the last decade, we hired 43+ employees to stack our world-class production and client services teams, earned Diamond-tier HubSpot Agency Partner status, won a bunch of awards, moved into a beautiful new office (and built a bar in it, too!), presented at conferences and events from coast to coast, donated 10% of our profits to charitable causes, and (this one’s our favorite) crafted game-changing marketing and sales solutions for hundreds of clients all over the globe.

But today, we get to think about the future.

Today, we get to fill you in about the coolest thing we’ve done so far.

As of this month...

Salted Stone has officially gone global!

We’re merging with our friends at Australia’s BrandManager agency, named HubSpot’s 2016 Partner of the Year in APAC, and winners of the 2017 Global Website Design Award.

The wonderful BrandManager Team

Together, our teams have over 25-years of agency experience in brand positioning, SEO, strategy, design, development, public relations, sales operations, content creation, and CRM optimization, and we’re both Diamond-tier HubSpot Agency Partners, to boot!

So - let’s chat logistics. What does this mean for clients, and readers who dig our content?

We’ll still be the same Salted Stone -- in services and skills, in our penchant for beer and dogs and Nerf Blasters, and in name -- but we’ll be stronger, better, smarter, and faster than ever before.

Basically, we’re super charging our operation by increasing our global production capacity, building out our resources through offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, learning from our incredibly talented Aussie counterparts, and expanding our hours to accommodate clients from every corner of the globe.

Now let’s meet the BrandManagers, already!

From intensive branding sessions and goal-aligned strategy development, to video production and stellar creative services, the BrandManager team knows a thing or two about building clients’ authority -- on and off the web. Their team is chock full of thought leaders on communication, messaging/positioning, design, development, and the inbound methodology.

The BrandManager Team

Let’s get to know a few of them.

Tony Eades, Chief Strategy Officer, has over 20 years experience in strategy and brand positioning. He’s an oft-cited expert on marketing, a prominent speaker, and an author.

Tony Eades and the BrandManager team enjoying some delicious Krispy Kreme donuts

His take on the merger: “We live and play on a global playing field where collaboration is key. We can learn things from what clients are doing in America that could be introduced to our Australian clients, and we can test and measure new things here that could be adopted in the US. We’re now a global force for innovation – an integral part of keeping up with the ever-changing evolution of marketing. We’re looking at what’s next, what’s after inbound, and collectively - as a group of thought leaders - we’re always moving forward and staying in front of these trends.”

Andrew Levy, Head of Strategy and Operations, is an inbound guru, with deep experience in high-growth environments. He spearheads campaign design, blogging, SEO, marketing automation and social media efforts.

Andrew Levy and Sam Siskind of the Salted Stone team

Andrew believes the merger will enable both teams to exceed market demands all over the world. “There’s so much going on in this space now in terms of end-to-end service offering expectations. All digital agencies will now be expected to do sales enablement, build amazing websites, and innovate more. That’s what the market is going to expect, and that’s what we’re really ready for in the North America and APAC regions.”

We’re beyond excited to get to know our new team members, collaborate on more innovative projects, continue serving clients from all over the world - using a deeper and broader skillset - and grow together. Cheers!

Want to learn more or tell us about a project for our newly expanded team? Contact us today!
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