The recruitment phishing scam works like this (as far as we can tell):

  • Scammers are contacting people on platforms including LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Messenger. 
  • The scammers are posing as Salted Stone team members, using names and images from our website, as well as website addresses and email addresses that are close enough to ours to cause confusion. 
  • The scammers are asking people to do job interviews via chat. 
  • The scammers are sending fake job offers and asking victims to provide personal identifying information and financial information. They may even ask victims to purchase hardware in preparation for the "job." 


To be 100% clear: these scammers are not associated with Salted Stone in any way and the job offers they are sending are not legitimate. 


Salted Stone has contacted the relevant authorities and we are awaiting more information to prevent further people from being harmed by this malicious activity.


In the meantime, Salted Stone is actually hiring, and a real Salted Stone team member may in fact contact you for legitimate reasons related to legitimate jobs. 


Here are some tips for identifying recruitment phishing scams:

  • Official job offers and emails will always come from someone at SALTEDSTONE.COM, not any other domain (including .us, .net, or any other domain suffixes).
  • Check whether the job you're applying for is in our official job listings.
  • We NEVER conduct outreach over Microsoft Teams or Facebook Messenger. 
  • We NEVER conduct job interviews via chat. All interviews with Salted Stone will happen over the phone or via video conference. 
  • We don't use low-quality stock artwork on any offers, applications, or other recruitment collateral.
  • We NEVER conduct any sort of blanket mass-recruiting strategies such as outsourced interview phone banks.
  • We will NEVER ask you to purchase your own equipment.


Please be cautious out there. Don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at if you are even the least bit unsure of the legitimacy of any recruiting messages.