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Hello, Dublin: Salted Stone has Set Up Shop Across the Pond

Paige Sander

There comes a time in every agency’s life when they look out the conference room window and think, “We should open a new office 5,144 miles away.”

Luckily for us, Dublin is exactly 5,144 miles from our Southern California office, so that’s where we’ve sent Business Unit Director Sabrina Roussel and Business Development Manager Adam Zabinsky.

Press Release: Salted Stone Expands with Dublin Office


When we asked Adam what he thinks of Dublin so far, he said:

“Beautiful city and people. Great breakfast and brunch spots. Poached eggs and potatoes all day. Affordable pints. Bustling tech scene that facilitates the international and diverse community. It’s a truly global city.

Sabrina and Adam have been there for over a month now, getting everything set up so we can deliver our usual world-class strategy, analytics, and execution -- as well as our unmatched expertise in helping people maximize the value of HubSpot -- to clients in the EMEA region. By leveraging the resources of our offices in North America and APAC, we’ve been able to enter the new market with our full range of offerings. 

“We’re excited to begin servicing the EMEA region, and to deploy all the lessons we learned during our previous expansion into APAC,” says Sabrina. “With the opening of the Dublin office, we’ll be able to offer our clients all the benefits that come with having a truly global partner. Also, now I finally get to use this stylish rain jacket I bought before I moved to Los Angeles.” 

Thanks to our global network of offices, we’re able to offer round-the-clock strategic uptime to clients in any region.

If you’re in (or are thinking about expanding into) EMEA and are curious about how Salted Stone can help your business grow, reach out to get connected with Sabrina and Adam. Also, please let us know if you have any good restaurant recommendations in Dublin.

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