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The Killer Features of Hubspot Marketing and Sales Enterprise Tools

Steve Ambuul

Large organizations live in a rarefied world that most people and companies never need to venture too far into — the world of so-called “enterprise” software. These sophisticated tools are built from the ground up for levels of complexity, reliability, and scale that most of us simply don’t need. 


When you do need them though, you can feel their absence acutely. Every manual workaround, unreliable integration, and short-term band-aid holding together tools that are too limited for your organization is slowing you down and preventing you from seeing explosive growth. 


Enterprise-level organizations need tools that are engineered to work for them — tools that are often too complex and powerful for smaller companies to invest in. HubSpot’s enterprise tools were built with large, sophisticated organizations in mind. In this blog post, we’ll round up each of enterprise hub’s killer features, and explain why so many of the world’s biggest, most successful organizations rely on HubSpot Enterprise tools to grow and succeed.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Icon
Marketing Hub Enterprise

If you have multiple brands or marketing teams in play at your organization, enterprise partitioning is a must-have feature. 


Keep each brand or team’s reporting clean to maximize it’s value, and avoid unnecessary manual workarounds. Whatever your specific needs, Marketing Hub Enterprise is optimized to handle any level of organizational complexity. 


Large B2B companies often pursue detailed ABM strategies to target high-value accounts, and HubSpot’s ABM tools offer all the power and flexibility you’ll need to manage those campaigns. Define your ideal customer profile, identify target accounts, connect with key stakeholders and more, all from within the HubSpot ecosystem. 


Advanced reporting capabilities are table stakes for enterprise organizations. Marketing Hub Enterprise’s multi-touch revenue attribution capabilities will let you tie your marketing initiatives directly to the bottom line, helping you build a strong business case for your most ambitious ideas and get credit for everything you do.


HubSpot Sales Hub Icon
Sales Hub Enterprise

For organizations with large and/or distributed sales teams, maintaining cohesion can be a significant challenge. That's where HubSpot’s integrated sales playbooks have the greatest and most meaningful impact. Only available in Sales Hub Enterprise, these playbooks combine easy-to-use resource libraries with key automation to support your sales team’s success. 


Selling at scale can create logistical challenges, but advanced deal management capabilities  can help mitigate disorganization and confusion. With Sales Hub Enterprise, you can configure discount approval workflows, integrate eSign and payment directly, and more. Sales leaders can maintain the same level of control that small organizations have, without having to sacrifice speed or volume. 


Complex sales strategies require powerful tools to implement successfully, and features like multiple currency support, recurring revenue, and integrated commission calculation will keep everything running smoothly. If you do business on a global scale, having access to advanced pipeline management tools can be a game changer. 


Combining Sales and Marketing
Enterprise Hubs

If you want to transform your revenue operations into a single, seamless growth machine that’s optimized for success, a great foundation is to combine and connect HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub Enterprise together. 


This will enable you to deploy powerful automations across both functions, preventing silos from ever forming and helping everyone work as efficiently as possible. 


With both tools in place, you’ll have the groundwork for a seamless audience experience from the moment they discover your brand through the moment when their deal is automatically marked “closed-won” on your sales dashboard. 


No more dropped balls, missed opportunities, or miscommunication. Additionally, you’ll be able to tie revenue information directly to your marketing reporting, so you can understand cost per acquisition and other key metrics. 


Are enterprise tools right for you?

When you’re choosing which HubSpot marketing and sales tools to purchase, it’s important to remember that it’s not about getting the most horsepower — the right tool to purchase is the one that’s ideally matched to your organization’s size and growth goals. 


HubSpot offers multiple tiers for every product, each with its own killer features and price point. An experienced agency partner can help you optimize your spend and your tech stack to ensure you have every feature you need and none that you don’t.

Need help with Hubspot enterprise tools? Learn more about how Salted Stone can help!

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