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Salted Stone Creates Bespoke CRM System for Luna Physical Therapy

Sabrina Roussel

The team at Luna is an incredibly ambitious one. They're completely redesigning the physical therapy experience for patients and therapists, and delivering an exceptional care experience that is both convenient and accessible.

Their disruptive model allows for flexibility, autonomy, and a greater earning potential for therapists, who can work where and when they want. It's all powered through a technology platform that enables patients to schedule an appointment, match with an expert, and receive care -- right at home. Needless to say, the systems underlying their operation needs to work and work well.

Luna home therapy

"We've always wanted to be world class when it comes to managing patient, physician, and therapist pipelines. We knew we needed a CRM system that could really power that entire end-to-end experience for our people. At the time we were using spreadsheets for all of our process management. We selected HubSpot as a system and immediately saw that it was incredibly powerful."
– Khanh Pham, Head of Therapist Network Development

Salted Stone was tasked with creating a bespoke lead generation, qualification, and nurturing model with capabilities that could extend far beyond the "out of the box" value most CRM and people management systems provide. 

It's intuitive and scalable, and will allow the team to expand into new regions. An overview of the system can be found below:


The Steps: After identifying goals, architecting the solution with the team at Luna, and reviewing test cases and scenarios, the Salted Stone Solution Architecture team began building and implementing in HubSpot. Luna's existing integration with Drift had to remain in tact, and a custom-built CallRail integration was set up, with the help of their in-house team. Finally, ongoing testing for data-driven optimization was implemented. The final product? A growth-oriented, scalable, fully embedded, future-proofed system.

"We wouldn’t be in business today without this stuff. It’s how we manage everyone in our system, it’s connected to our website and email marketing efforts, and it’s integrated with scheduling tools and our technology stack. It’s mission-critical at this point. From an onboarding perspective, an education perspective, everything. And now, we’ve built a lot of our processes for a multi-region approach."

– Khanh Pham

Seeking a custom CRM integration? Want to migrate between platforms or build a website on HubSpot? Our team has 10+ years experience doing all of those things. Plus, we're a Diamond-tier Partner Agency. Get in touch & schedule a free consultation today!


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