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3 Ways to Create Delightful Customer Experiences with HubSpot & Intercom

Matthew Reed

HubSpot’s Hubs are powerful tools for building engaging, delightful customer experiences for the full flywheel — and you can unlock even more power and impact by integrating HubSpot with engagement-focused tools like Intercom.

Creators of the world’s first Engagement OS, Intercom has built on their origins as a chat-focused business to incorporate tools for a multitude of touchpoints. Combining Intercom with HubSpot tremendously expands the possibilities for creating immersive, lasting connections with your audience.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at three specific ways you (and your leads and customers) can benefit from integrating Intercom with Hubspot. From sharing data to personalizing marketing campaigns, there’s something for almost every business.

#1: Enrich your HubSpot CRM with data from Intercom, and improve efficiency in Intercom with customer data from HubSpot

This might seem obvious to some readers, but activating a two-way integration between HubSpot and Intercom means you can share data freely between both platforms, ensuring that you’re seeing a more complete picture no matter where you look. Great digital marketing starts with great visibility, and integrating these two platforms will set you up for success when it comes to decision making.

View HubSpot contact details from the Intercom Inbox

Once the integration is set up and functioning, data from Intercom chats can be added to customer records in HubSpot, and contact record data from Hubspot can be surfaced in Intercom. By arming your team and tools with the most comprehensive data, you’ll be able to create more personalized experiences for leads and customers, and equip front-line colleagues on sales and support teams with a more complex, holistic view of your leads and customers in the moment.

Intercom HubSpot Inbox WidgetImage Source: Intercom

Continue conversations from Intercom in HubSpot with custom workflows

Knowledge is power, but that’s not the only benefit of sharing data between platforms. You can also trigger custom workflows and other events based on intercom chat data to create multichannel follow-up on engagement (for example, triggering a specific product-focused marketing email workflow based on the outcome of an Intercom chat where a lead mentioned their interest). With some creativity, the sky's the limit.

Intercom Workflow TriggerImage Source: Intercom

#2: Create more seamless customer support experiences with HubSpot & Intercom

Connecting Intercom chat with HubSpot custom workflows enables you to deliver more comprehensive, responsive support experiences to your customers while minimizing the need for human intervention. Marketing email workflows aren’t the only thing you can automate based on Intercom chat data — you can also serve up customer support resources just as easily, ensuring a satisfying resolution to issues discussed with your Intercom support chatbots.

Whether you’re delivering content from support center articles or answering straightforward questions, you can offer a simple user experience with Intercom Messenger, and set up follow-up workflows with HubSpot. It’s this kind of consistency that can really make a difference, and help to keep customers happy and engaged with your brand for many years.

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We all know how valuable automations can be at delivering really incredible, personalized customer experiences at scale — the kind of attention to detail that is unsustainable when you try to do it manually. Building a support infrastructure that combines Intercom messenger and HubSpot Service Hub, you can ensure that every customer receives the attention they deserve without having to invest in a huge customer support team.

#3: Qualify and segment leads faster with Intercom Chatbots

Every sales leader wants to ensure they’re qualifying, segmenting, and routing leads as efficiently and effectively as possible to ensure timely communications. After all, one of the easiest ways to improve your sales outcomes is to show respect for your leads’ time.

Rather than going over items they’ve already discussed with your Chatbots about their needs or pain points, meet them with focused messaging and value props based on their unique situation.

Intercom’s chatbots can serve as front-line sales tools to interact with new leads and help qualify them based on conversational cues, segment them accurately, and arm you with actionable data before your first in-person touchpoint. Whether it’s lead scoring, workflow enrollment, or beyond, HubSpot’s automations and tools thrive on data — and Intercom can help you collect it seamlessly from your leads.

Image Source: Intercom

How to integrate Hubspot and Intercom?

If you have subscriptions to both platforms, getting started on an integration project can be very straightforward. At the same time, you’ll need to develop a plan for how you want data to be shared in order to drive the strongest and fastest ROI from the integration. Find a partner who’s experienced with both HubSpot and Intercom, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

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