Website Design

Put your best foot forward.

Your website is likely the first thing potential customers see when looking at your brand. A well-designed site makes it easier for visitors to get inspired by and engage with your content, and your brand. A poorly designed site, on the other hand, can inspire someone to move right along to the next prospect in their search results.

At Salted Stone, we believe that good design should be simple, responsive, and reflective of your brand’s personality. And while it might be nice to win an award for how beautifully designed your website is, the main purpose of your site is to attract and convert leads into customers.

Salted Stone’s crack team of awesome designers, developers and technologists will work with you to design, craft and implement a simple, modern, mobile-friendly website, that’s easy-to-navigate and delivers your brand message, while integrating clear and compelling calls-to-action.

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