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Brand, Sales, and Customer Service Audits

Useful when...

  • Gaining deeper insight into the roadblocks within your sales process will help you improve your team’s close rate.
  • Your competitors are beating you out for keywords that you should own.
  • People aren’t engaging with your brand the way they used to and you are considering a refresh.


For those actively working in their business and on their business, gaining a complete picture of your operational strengths and weaknesses can be very difficult.

Remaining completely unbiased as you stress test your own top-of-the-funnel systems (like marketing and branding) and your middle/bottom-of-the-funnel systems (like sales and customer service) is nearly impossible.

Why Salted Stone?

We don’t start with best practices and hunches — we start with qualitative and quantitative research and data analysis to produce actionable and valuable insights for our clients.

This is why a comprehensive audit, completed by an impartial organization, is key to identifying areas in which your brand is surpassing, or failing to meet, buyer expectations. Brand, sales, and customer service audits are foundational to the majority of our strategic work.

What this engagement might look like

Almost everything that we do at Salted Stone is informed by key insights and findings from our audits.

Whether it’s an SEO competitor analysis, an industry-wide branding report, a roadmap for better support documentation, or a sales/customer service experience audit, our insights will shine light on opportunities and threats that most professionals cannot diagnose themselves.

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