Marketing & Sales

A comprehensive inbound blueprint.

Our 60-Day Marketing & Sales Assessment provides us with a blueprint on how best to implement a comprehensive inbound marketing plan unique for your business.

After an in-depth review and analysis of your current marketing and sales initiatives, along with those of your competitors, we present a detailed plan that provides you with an understanding of what will be required to launch an effective inbound marketing campaign.

During this 60-day assessment, we review existing marketing assets (both digital and offline), target personas, and marketing practices. We then develop an inbound gameplan that includes goals, timelines, budgets, strategies and the necessary resources to achieve reportable success.

In addition, we create a scorecard for the monthly tracking of key performance indicators. This Strategic Marketing & Sales Assessment is conducted by senior team members across various departments.

At the conclusion of the report, it’s up to you to decide if you want to implement the campaign strategy using your own in-house resources or if you wish to retain the services of our team to carry out the campaign on your behalf.

While the review process and deliverables vary for each strategic marketing & sales assessment, typical deliverables will include:


Design / Findability / SEO / Site Navigation

Buyer Insight Report

Content / Messaging / Offers based on Buyers' Journey / Buyers' Journey / The Five Insights to Buyer Behavior and Motivation

Social Media

Social Media Strategy / Identification of Potential Brand Advocates

Content Creation

Digital Assets / Content Marketing Strategy / Identification of Buyers' Pain Point / Calls-To-Action / Content Generation Strategy / Content Distribution Strategy / Editorial Schedule

Marketing Automation

Marketing Autormation / Lead Nurturing / Lead Scoring / Workflow / CRM Integration

Demand Generation

Recommended Channels / Recommended Budget

Key Performance Indicators

Development of a Scorecard

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Competitor Analysis

SEO Strategy



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