Buyer's Insight


The discovery & assessment process

Every aspect of your marketing plan should be based on insight gained from a well defined discovery and assessment process. Understanding what your customers need to see at each stage of the buyer’s journey and where they go to find information, insight, and verification enables us to create a website and marketing plan that will attract, capture, and convert leads.

The four-step process


Competitive Analysis

The purpose of our competitive analysis is not to duplicate the efforts of your competitors, but rather to differentiate you from them and to formulate a strategy designed to distinguish you as a thought leader in
your industry.

Website Analysis

In addition to evaluating your competitors’ websites, we will thoroughly evaluate your existing website’s performance and messaging to determine what is resonating and what is not.

Buyer's Journey Report

During this phase of the process, our content team interviews internal stakeholders to establish your buyers’ needs and pain points. From this we develop an information architecture laying out the goals of each segment of your website interface. We will establish an optimal user journey map that will remove any barriers or frustrations that a user encounters when they visit your site.

Strategic Buyers' Insight Report

Who are the primary decision makers and their influencers in the buyer’s journey? In order to create relevant content and design effective lead generation strategies, our first mission is to identify and understand your most important buyer personas and the critical elements they need to see to take that next step of engagement.

In order to establish the best possible  content marketing and distribution plan we put together a Strategic Buyers’ Insight report that involves conducting in-depth interviews with 3-4 of your customers or potential customers. This information helps us establish the buyer insights we need to create the content necessary successfully engage these personas.

The goal of the strategic buyer's insight report is to provide answers to the following questions

Priority Initiatives

What made the problem or need become an urgent priority for the buyer?

Success Factors

What are the buyer’s expectations for success?

Perceived Barriers

What barriers prevented this buyer from choosing your company?

Buying Process

What process would make it easy for this buyer to choose your company?

Decision Criteria

What criteria did this buyer use to compare options?

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