Earned Media + PR

Leveraging a network effect for your brand.

Our team starts with a comprehensive social analysis to identify relationship-based connections and gain a deep understanding of your audience’s nuanced affinities.

From there, we blend all aspects of modern public relations — media, influencer and analyst relations, social media, earned and paid media — into one integrated communication process.

We integrate elements of traditional public relations with social media, influencer engagement and earned media strategies, to work every angle and spread the word about your brand, drive site traffic and boost lead volume.

We execute social media and PR campaigns planned around and held accountable to measurable goals. Campaigns are architected according to holistic, cohesive themes built with insights from deep audience analysis and fueled by influencer distribution paths.

Whether securing speaking engagements for your leadership team, building out relationships with key analysts in your space, or monitoring and responding to opportunities and challenges that come up in social media channels—our clients track the ROI of our programs through standard deliverables that provide full visibility into campaign performance.

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