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Sales Enablement

Useful when...

  • Your challenges are more often related to turning leads into customers than generating lead volume.
  • Opportunities exist to equip sales personnel with better processes, technology, collateral and/or automation aimed at making them more efficient and effective.
  • You want to identify and learn more about your buyer personas using shared insights from sales and marketing departments.
  • You need to ensure alignment between marketing and sales teams.
  • You’re interesting in researching, customizing, and implementing processes and technologies to build a more effective pipeline.


Align your sales and marketing efforts by equipping both teams with the right technology and proper training for maintaining a competitive edge.

We know that buyers today expect consistency throughout the sales process. As a result, total cohesion between your systems, technologies, and team culture is no longer optional. Sales enablement helps companies meet quotas and avoid wasting time on unqualified leads — and makes sure your soon-to-be customers have a sales experience worth sharing.

Why Salted Stone?

Sales enablement means more than syncing CRM services and designing one-sheet sales collateral pieces.

We believe that successful sales enablement campaigns require effortless transitions between marketing and sales departments. Salted Stone offers comprehensive strategies that are aligned with personas and buying scenarios, as well as communication and outreach trainings for salespeople — enabling you to maximize the value of each interaction.

What this engagement might look like

We begin our process by taking a team-wide pulse check and identifying areas where communication discrepancies create bottlenecks. 

After reaching consensus around qualified lead attributes, deal stages, buying signals, and scoring models, we build out a customized Buyer Journey flowchart. This outlines communication sequences and appropriate language, from initial information capture through order fulfillment, upselling, and evangelization. Custom messages are written and automated workflows are built. We track and optimize the success of each campaign and make necessary refinements on an ongoing basis. 

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