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Customer Success

Useful when...

  • You're working to improve your average Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • You want to focus on reducing customer churn or increasing customer lifetime value.
  • Capitalizing on upsell or cross-sell opportunities is a priority.
  • You want to improve systems and processes to facilitate more efficient and effective customer support.
  • You're interested in establishing customer support documentation, or identifying systems to improve time per ticket, case, or call. 


Depictions of the ‘buyer’s journey’ or ‘sales and marketing funnel’ tend to place little to no emphasis on the final phase: customer delight.

This stage of client relations begins after a lead has moved through the sales process and has become a customer. It’s where most marketers and salespeople pass off a contact to their client services rep, and turn their attention back toward new leads at the top of the pipeline. In other words, they stop marketing to a receptive, (clearly) qualified, and important lead source: their current book of business.

Why Salted Stone?

Whether you’re seeking customer retention services, looking to turn loyal clients into brand evangelists, or simply want to measure the customer lifetime value (CLV) of a particular account, we can provide tailored, data-informed solutions. 

We understand the role that customer success programs play in achieving sustainable organizational growth. Because the cost of onboarding a new customer eclipses the cost of keeping an existing one, most companies can't afford to ignore opportunities for ongoing communication and account-based upselling. Salted Stone can help build these systems and establish internal processes. 

What this engagement might look like

A custom program for client delight and profit maximization is possible, and our team is more than ready to consult, craft, and execute it.

We offer everything from CRM integration and migration support to writing and optimization for FAQs and support documentation. We can help with the identification and launch of sales validation activities, preparation and dissemination of NPS reports, and the opportunity to connect your organization with self-service technology solutions for 'touchless' sales or customer support. 

All that sound good?

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