Content Marketing

Producing content that’s worth sharing.

Content marketing is at the heart of an inbound marketing program and requires the creation of original content. This content must be superbly written, designed, and produced to be perceived as valuable by your buyer personas and capable of stimulating engagement and sharing.

We’ll help you generate Content Marketing pieces that brand advocates and industry influencers will actually want to share.

Every piece of content is produced with a goal-oriented purpose in mind. Content strategy revolves around motivating a specific buyer persona at a specific stage in the buyer’s journey to take a specific action.

Creating purposeful content like this requires a well defined content marketing plan; a plan that is developed from the insights gained during the course of the Discovery and Assessment process.

In addition to attracting your ideal website visitors and converting them into customers, we also design content marketing plans that engage industry thought leaders who are in a position to become brand advocates.

When asking potential buyers to share their personal information, it's vital to your program success that you're able to offer something of value in return. Salted Stone's Content team produces compelling collateral—ebooks, infographics, case studies, buyers’ guides, whitepapers and more—designed to address your website visitors’ pain points, interests, and concerns.

Our team of metrics-driven designers create on-brand content that resonates with your targeted personas while strategically placing calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout your website.

Once created, content reaches your buyer personas through the appropriate channels as part of an overarching demand generation strategy.

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