The Voice and Net of Your Brand

Relevant, quality blogs are the new SEO.

Blogging is an important component of any successful online marketing campaign. Your blog serves to demonstrate to search engines and web visitors alike that you are a thought leader in your given industry. Blogs are a means to demonstrate how awesome you are to your targeted personas.

Blogging not only drives traffic to your site, it converts visitors to leads. When you have a good blog, you are perceived as an authority in your industry. By continuously addressing the pain points, interests, and concerns of your targeted personas, you can boost their perception of you as a thought leader. It is this positive association that can lead them to engage and ultimately, to convert.

Our Content team will monitor trends within your industry and form a demonstrable expertise by interviewing key experts in your industry, your employees, and most importantly, your customers. We will then create engaging blog posts designed to address the pain points, concerns, or interests of your targeted personas.

B2B marketers that use blogs receive 
67% more leads than those that do not.
Danny Wong
Co-founder of Blank Label

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