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Solution Name




$4,200 EX GST


Remote / Online & Face to Face


Awesome work on purchasing the HubSpot Marketing Professional software, you're on your way to automating your marketing ... before you begin on this journey, we must first get you properly onboarded.

Salted Stone's marketing professional onboarding program has been designed for new HubSpot customers who have purchased the Marketing software. You and your team will receive a mix of face to face and online technical guidance to help get you properly configure the HubSpot marketing software and set you up with all the knowledge you need to begin using the software effectively. As part of the onboarding,  you will also receive campaign assistance to help you leverage the HubSpot marketing tools and inbound methodology and get the most from your investment. 

Our onboarding provides you everything you will need to start attracting, converting and delighting your customers. So what are you waiting for? Let's get you onboarded today!


  • 1 hour Kick off meeting with the Salted Stone Team
  • Guidance around importing and creating contacts in HubSpot CRM
  • Guidance on integrating your existing CRM or other systems with HubSpot
  • Connecting your domain to Hubspot
  • Setting up your email footer
  • Guidance around setting up forms in HubSpot
  • Guidance on creating custom properties in HubSpot
  • Guidance on form strategy including pop up forms
  • Connecting social media accounts
  • Security settings and SSL setup
  • Basic HubSpot setup including adding your logo, fonts and colours to HubSpot.
  • Live chat installation on your website
  • Single chatflow setup
  • Set up of basic reports
  • Assist with adding tracking code to your website
  • 2 hour online training session on how to use the features of your Marketing Hub
  • 1 hour online training session - Introduction to Inbound marketing
  • 2 hour campaign review and strategic recommendations

All that sound good?

Let's get you onboarded.