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Business Intelligence Dashboards & Reporting

Useful when...

  • You need to provide your executive team with a dashboard to represent the progress of your marketing, sales, and customer success programs.
  • You need help segmenting your database into actionable groups for client onboarding or renewals.
  • You need help identifying appropriate KPIs to track.


Business Intelligence Dashboards are used for the management and organization of information pertinent to your company.

These allow users to efficiently and meaningfully visualize large amounts of data, to glean actionable insights, and to make informed decisions about their marketing or sales operations.

Why Salted Stone?

While most digital agencies provide access to dashboards that offer out-of-the-box value, very few pair technical proficiency with analytical prowess the way our team does.

With a strong emphasis on sustainable growth, our team takes aggregated data sentiments and assesses them through an integrative lens, using deep industry research and development dashboard tools like Grow to yield smart and effective programs.

What this engagement might look like

A combination of human capital and technological know-how allows Salted Stone to optimize or customize dashboards for clients and generate KPI and marketing scorecards. 

So whether you’re looking to dive right into a tactical engagement, or want to see how these strategies fit into your marketing game plan, our diverse and cross-disciplinary experts are prepared to set you up for success. 

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