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Great work on purchasing HubSpot’s Sales software, you're on your way to automating your sales process which will be very useful in growing your business when you are trying to get those big $$ deals over the line… but before you begin on your inbound journey, we must first get you properly onboarded.

Salted Stone's Sales Lite onboarding program has been designed for new HubSpot customers who have purchased the Sales software. You and your team will receive online technical guidance from our technical implementation specialist to help you properly configure the HubSpot Sales Hub and set you up with the basic knowledge you need to begin using the software effectively.

Our onboarding provides you everything you will need to start attracting, converting and delighting your customers. So what are you waiting for? Let's get you onboarded today!


  • Online training | On Sales Hub Starter features

  • Advice around GMail- and Outlook integration

  • Creating and managing contacts in HubSpot

  • How to create and handle deals in HubSpot

  • How to schedule emails

  • How to follow emails and notifications and how they work as part of sales process

  • How to build email sequences and how they make your life easier

  • How documents help in sales

  • How to call via HubSpot

  • Calendar function and booking setup

  • Meeting link creation via HubSpot

  • How Snippets help to save time

  • Live chat guidance

All that sound good?

Let's get you onboarded.