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Chatbot Development - Conversational Marketing

Useful when...

  • Customers typically come to your website with questions about your product or service.
  • Leads regularly visit your website without providing qualifying information.
  • Your visitors don’t need to interact with a live salesperson to make a purchase or receive support.


Conversational marketing makes use of chatbot services and artificial intelligence communication tools to engage leads and customers in instant messaging interactions on websites and social media platforms.

Automated chat enables a digital “team member” to reach out to a visitor without human intervention. Through a series of questions, your chatbot can qualify and assess the credibility of leads in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bots can even help customers locate relevant content and support articles tailored to their needs.

For modern buyers, the ability to immediately find information or connect with a representative is now expected. That means getting conversational is no longer just an option.

Why Salted Stone?

Our team develops and executes omnichannel strategies around growth-focused conversational marketing initiatives. 

Our automation playbooks leverage standard chatbots, artificial intelligence applications, and touchless sales tactics to collect lead information, identify common areas of user confusion, address buyer needs, and filter out noise so you can give more attention to high-interest visitors. We build bot narratives, craft and deploy if/then workflows, and track the efficacy of each program — making ongoing, data-informed refinements.

What this engagement might look like

Depending on your objectives and needs, our technical experts can serve as consultants or provide implementation services. 

For businesses, these machine-learning tools interface with potential customers to determine their value and connect them with the appropriate people in your sales department. For customers, smart automated chatbots add a ‘human element’ to customer service engagements — enhancing the digital buying experience. Everyone wins!

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