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Account-Based Marketing & Targeted Prospecting

Useful when...

  • Your list of target client accounts is well-defined and limited in quantity.
  • The value of target accounts justifies hyper-granular and individualized attention.
  • There are multiple points of entry through which an organization might be penetrated.
  • The sales process is multi-faceted or complex and requires buy-in from multiple prospect stakeholders with distinct concerns and pain points.
  • Enterprise sales teams don’t have the bandwidth to build omnichannel programs.


In essence, account-based marketing (ABM) is a form of targeted strategic business marketing.

During an ABM campaign, an organization will focus on an individual prospect or customer account (companies, not individual people) and treat it like its very own self-contained market. Developing and deploying communication plans that make one-to-one marketing effective can be a intricate job — one that may present challenges for organizations who are tackling multiple initiatives at once.

Why Salted Stone?

Our team can help you identify and capitalize on opportunities to sustainably grow the lifetime value of your existing accounts. We help you directly connect with potential clients using personalized marketing approaches that are designed to build relationships from the ground up. 

We have experience strategizing and executing goal-oriented personalized marketing and targeted prospecting plans for organizations at nearly every stage of development. Whether you’re looking to source contacts before establishing communication with high-interest leads, or you’re ready to craft customized outreach copy for your top prospects, we’ll get your message in front of qualified decision makers with buying power.

What this engagement might look like

Our ABM campaigns can be designed to yield a list of valuable contacts, refresh a game plan for your sales team to follow, or — our favorite — close deals with prospects.

We begin by identifying stakeholders at organizations of interest and researching their roles. Next, we devise a custom omnichannel outreach plan. Then, it's onto execution: writing copy, developing workflows, and setting up closed-loop reporting. Depending on the level of involvement you need, we can deploy and track campaigns or help set your team up for success.

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