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We’re an elite tier agency with deep experience on every Hub, and we’re 100% focused on delivering the services that HubSpot customers need to thrive and grow.

What are we really good at?

We think we’re really good at being nice, approachable, creative problem-solvers who make sure our clients have a strong ROI on HubSpot and our partnership. According to HubSpot reps we’ve worked closely with in the past, these are the things that set Salted Stone apart from other partners


Great at multi-hub engagements

We’re not just CRM experts or website gurus - we’re an interdisciplinary team that can deliver best-in-class solutions across different hubs with simple, single-point-of-contact account management.


Comfortable working with clients in highly-regulated industries

From healthcare to fintech, we never shy away from deals that have complex compliance regulations. Our team has years of experience building innovative solutions to tricky data privacy problems.


Truly global

We have teams in NA, EMEA, and APAC that work directly with clients to deliver services in their time zones, and we make connecting with SMEs seamless.

Awards & Accreditations

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When it comes to supporting HubSpot customers, we focus on driving lifetime value. We believe strong, sustainable ROI on HubSpot takes three steps:


Configure things right during onboarding by taking time to understand user needs


Focus on adoption as a holistic goal, including training and change management


Evolve with the users, unlocking deeper engagement with the hubs when the time is right

What services do we offer?

Trying to figure out if Salted Stone is the right fit for an opportunity? Here’s a breakdown of the things we’re known for.

These are the services we deliver the most often, but our team can combine strategy, creative, and technology to deliver customer solutions that don’t seem to fit neatly into any of these buckets. And remember - we specialize in client engagements that need multiple services integrated together, so the combinations are almost endless.

HubSpot Integrations

Every organization thrives on a unique stack of interconnected tools and technologies, and we’re focused on finding ways to weave HubSpot into those ecosystems seamlessly. Integrating software with HubSpot has been the backbone of our business for over a decade. 

Our approach is simple - understand the business requirements, make a comprehensive plan, build the integration, and test it to make sure it works and it works for our client’s needs.

Here are a few of the integrations we’ve built so far:

Who do we work with?

Salted Stone is set up to delight clients ranging from seed-round SaaS startups to Fortune 100 Telecom - we work with teams of all sizes.

Here are a few of our most recognizable clients:

Peloton Logo
Flatiron Logo

And here are a few industries where we have more experience than most:

  • Healthcare and HealthTech
  • Finance and FinTech
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Insurance & Compliance
  • Agriculture
  • Spirits/Food & Bev
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Real Estate
  • IT / Technology MSPs

We work with many different brands, but one thing many of our clients share is a SaaS business model

What do HubSpot reps think of working with us?

Salted Stone is a leader in merging technology with creativity to drive results. They listen to organizations' unique needs and are committed to delivering impact for your business.”
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Just like working with Salted Stone, we’ve made it super easy to connect with us to work deals together.

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If you're looking for experienced HubSpot developers who can help you do the most basic of things (such as mailing list reconciliation) to architecting complex subscription-based data architecture, Salted Stone is the way to go.
Andrew Y.
Senior Manager, Casa
As we have invested significantly in HubSpot, it was important for us to choose a partner that has in-depth knowledge of all HubSpot tools and a focus on building a sustainable strategy for our business. The team at Salted Stone definitely delivered on that.
Kadie M.
Marketing Manager, Southpac Aerospace
While Salted Stone are extremely knowledgeable on HubSpot and how to get the most out of it, Salted Stone's overall perspective on marketing is modern, interactive, and effective. The team went above and beyond in helping us utilize HubSpot more than HubSpot's own customer support could.
Mickey C.
Marketing Manager, Fine Grain Property

Case Studies

Want to know more about our work?

Here are some recent case studies that highlight our creativity, reliability, and outcomes-focused approach.

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