Schema Helper Setup Guide

Make your content stand out in search engine result pages (SERPs) by adding structured data, or schema markup, to your HubSpot CMS sites, landing pages, blog articles, and more. is a tool that makes the complicated world of structured data easy in HubSpot.

This page provides information on how to get started with Use the form on the side to send any questions, feedback, bug reports, or feature requests.


1. Sign up for a free account at

All paid plans will be available once you've created your free account, but you can get started using the Free Plan.

Note: Because we're actively launching improvements every week, the design of the signup page and the application itself will undergo iterative improvements. While our software will get better every week, we'll update these screenshots only periodically.

Schema Helper login page

2. Connect to your HubSpot account & select your domain

Integrate with HubSpot in just three quick clicks (...if you have sufficient permissions in HubSpot)

Connect a domain (this will send you to HubSpot's login page) 
schema helper connect to a HubSpot domain

Verify your HubSpot account

SchemaHelper HubSpot Domain selection

Choose the domain

Schema Helper - Select a HubSpot CMS Domain

3. Sync content from your domain

Clicking on your domain for the first time will begin the first content-sync with Schema Helper. Once all of your content has loaded, you can begin using the tool by selecting your first page to add schema markup to.

Note: For larger sites, this can take a minute or two.

4. Begin setting up schema on a page

Open a page, select your desired schema-type, and fill in the relevant fields.


Not sure which one to add?  Check out HubSpot's article on the topic.

Schema Helper how to - updated image


5. "Update & Publish" 

When you've finished filling in the fields, click "Update & Publish" to sync it back to HubSpot.


Note: Doing this will add the schema markup to the "Head HTML" section of your page. To ensure that your schema markup is error-free, you can use Schema.Org's Validator to check your page. To view the code that was added to your HubSpot page, open the page editor in HubSpot, click on the "Settings" tab, then click the "Advanced" tab. 

6. Celebrate! (that was easier than writing code, right?)

7. Repeat the process as needed for all pages that you'd like to add structured data (schema) markup to

Note: Free accounts are limited to just 1 domain and 5 pages, so you'll need to upgrade your subscription if you'd like to add additional pages and/or domains. You can do this from the left sidebar of the dashboard on the (Settings > Manage Subscription) panel.