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Customer Success

Salted Stone Helps Boxed Water Operationalize a Shift in Messaging: A Social Media Marketing Campaign Case Study

Boxed Water is a sustainable water company that offers a more eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.
Talar Malakian
Company & Culture

Hello, Dublin: Salted Stone has Set Up Shop Across the Pond

We’ve entered the EMEA region full steam ahead, and our team in Dublin is ready to help your business grow.
Paige Sander
Company & Culture

Salted Stone’s Hottest Takes from INBOUND ‘19

We’re back from HubSpot INBOUND ‘19 and ready to share our hottest takes about parental leave, conversational marketing, multi-touch attribution, and more.
Adam Zabinsky

You’ve Been Lied to About Personalized Email Marketing

Email personalization is often unnecessary and can actually be a turnoff for potential buyers. So why do people keep recommending it?
Ben Sack
Business Strategy

How to measure operational efficiencies of content production in B2B marketing

B2B companies are spending more and more money on B2B content marketing these days. In the US alone, it has been estimated that B2B companies spend $5.2bn on content creation; around 55% of their marketing budgets. You would hope that marketing executives would have ways to know what was working and what wasn’t, but according to the latest Gleanster report, that’s often not the case.
Tony Eades
Business Strategy

The importance of aligning sales and marketing KPI's

In many companies, the KPIs for the Marketing and Sales teams are totally separate, and so there is little incentive for the teams to work together.
Andrew Levy
Business Strategy

6 of the best strategies for targeted lead generation

Marketers report that lead generation continues to be one of their main challenges, with 80% saying their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective.
Hannah Stack

7 Steps to building campaigns that focus on quality

As our investment increases, the focus is now on quality. So, what are some ways CMOs and their teams can build campaigns that focus on achieving quality leads?
Tony Eades

5 Website must-haves to build an online lead machine

In this digital age, there's no denying that your website is your company's most valuable marketing asset.
Meika Birch-Davis
Branding Business Strategy

Beyond Demographics: Building a Buyer Persona to Understand Your Customer

An often-overlooked key to marketing success is your buyer persona.
Tony Eades
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Business Strategy

Demonstrating the benefits of Smarketing to your sales and marketing teams - How to

The statistics and results about Smarketing don't lie; it produces outstanding benefits in revenue growth for businesses, on average, a 20% bump, according to Hubspot.
Meika Birch-Davis
Facebook Likes Salted Stone

Five B2B companies killing it on Facebook by doing the unexpected

Facebook provides a unique opportunity for B2B companies to capture leads and boost sales...
Michael Peach
GettyImages-496626964 (1)
Business Strategy

The Four Steps to a Marketing Action Plan

Your marketing action plan should bring everything together.
Meika Birch-Davis

Featured Case Studies


Making marketing analytics sexy and knowing how well you're performing

Marketing used to just be about clever headlines and creative designs – then we entered the digital age.
Meika Birch-Davis
Business Strategy

The Strategic Marketing Process - Part 1: Strategy & Tools

Develop your marketing strategy, understand and use the tools
Andrew Levy
Business Strategy

Are Your YouTube Ads Really Worth the Effort? Learning from the Big Names

YouTube is still a powerful tool for branding and marketing...
Tony Eades