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Yet Another ‘Looking Ahead: 2020’ Blog Post from a Digital Agency

Tony Eades

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time for every person with a computer to write a blog post about what’s going to change next year in the world of marketing. If you think I didn’t make every single one of those words a link because I ran out of articles to link to, you’re wrong.


What’s going to separate our roundup from the rest of the pack? Well, it’s simple — this isn’t a list of predictions about what the next big thing is going to be. Instead, I went around and asked my colleagues what they were most excited to work on next year. 


Without further ado, here’s what they said:

our team

2020 sounds futuristic, mysterious and fast paced, however I feel our approach to 2020 needs to be realistic, clear and well planned. 

There is a lot of wasted time and money spent on ad-hoc, reactive marketing. Get it done, do it now, we need it yesterday. A lot of agencies can execute on what you ask for but is what you’re asking for the right move? In 2020, the brands that see value in strategic planning and taking time to get things right will be the brands that come out on top.

I am excited to work in 2020 with like minded brands and individuals who see value in collaboration and creative thinking to do things well, not just do things.

Brands should be built to last, websites should be designed to grow and your strategy should be the driving force behind all your marketing decisions in 2020.

— Glenn Purcell, Head of Creative, APAC

Revolutionising the definition of ‘Client Service’ - by empowering the CS team members to adopt full ownership and accountability of their responsibilities, their clients and by driving three focal pillars - rapport, retention and growth. Building and developing such a reputation, where exceeding expectations becomes the norm, so clients stay for the relationship, not just quality and expertise! 

Outside of this? Working across new client industries, partaking in Business Unit magnification, being conducive to global alignment, with a focus on conceptual and strategic thinking around continual improvement and entrepreneurial growth across the business.

— Benita Samaha, Client Service, Team Lead, APAC

A date with data! With more and more data able to be captured, the number one thing I am looking forward to in 2020 is constructing complex solutions that are designed to simply solve our clients needs. We will become the architects of a digital landscape where solutions are paramount. We will look to do this by understanding the unique nature of each customers needs and building a journey that guides them to the perfect solution.

Oh, and The Last of Us 2... Does that count?

— Michael Peach, Technical Marketing, Team Lead, APAC

"Where do I start. I feel 2020 is going to be the year of growth! Growth at all levels whether it is lead generation, social media or sales growth for our clients and agency. I am particularly excited to explore the email marketing and social media further to increase user experience and audience engagement. User experience has been the buzz word within the industry over the last few years and I am excited to see where this takes strategy and digital marketing in 2020."

— Hannah Stack, Strategist, APAC

“I’m ready to start totally destroying the silos between customer success, sales, product, and marketing teams. Brands are realizing that the interaction between all these different departments can lead to incredible results, and I’m so excited to help them get there.”

— Talar Malakian, Business Unit Director and Strategist, North America

“As we move into 2020, our drive for convenience is making speech an increasingly important channel. ComScore predicts that 50% of all searches will be accomplished by voice search next year. To me, that’s electrifying — I can’t wait to dive further into how to incorporate speech into our clients' strategic vision.”

— Tony Eades, Chief Strategy Officer, APAC

What are you excited about in 2020? Can we help you make it happen? Get in touch and let us know. 

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