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The Proof is in the Metrics

Mike Skeehan

When we first launched the site, we knew it was a significant improvement over the site that preceded it. The new website was polished, with a clean and slick design. And it featured multiple, distinct calls-to-action on every page. The CTAs were clearly defined & presented.

We constructed the main areas of the site around predetermined Goal Funnels — working from the top of the funnel (i.e., product overview in general business terms) to the bottom of the funnel (i.e., demo video) and stopping at several points in between (i.e., exhaustive feature list, client testimonials, summary of business value, etc.)... we constructed the site to naturally flow from a gentle introduction of the client's product to a hard pitch after the introduction had been made.

We made the decision to provide visitors with several different types of goals, to facilitate visitors at different stages in the decision making process. We provided "safety net" CTAs geared towards visitors who weren't quite ready to commit in a way that would still capture visitor information for ongoing nurturing of the lead.

Post launch, data has confirmed and validated the tactical decisions that we made during the design & development process. All significant engagement metrics have increased: pages/visit (+20%), average time on site (+67%) and bounce rate (-20%).

On top of this, and more importantly, conversion metrics have increased to a degree that we did not anticipate. Between the multiple CTAs on the site that capture personal information, overall conversion rate has increased by over 900% at the time of writing this post. We've integrated the web leads directly into the client's CRM, and the volume has filled the sales pipeline to an unprecedented level.

Everyone understands the "power" of the internet on a conceptual level, but many times, key organizational stakeholders are — for whatever reason — hesitant to take the requisite steps to harness that power for their own enterprise. And while no two projects are the same, it is quite rewarding for us to see the value we preach manifesting itself in quantifiable success.

One key insight from this particular re-launch: websites that are not designed to achieve specific goals will not achieve anything. In fact, they represent a failure to capitalize upon the opportunity to generate new business. With this client, the same exact traffic volume is being driven to the new site, and from the same exact traffic mediums... the source & quantity of traffic has not changed.

The fact that traffic has remained static while leads have increased by 900%+ should tell us everything that we need to know: you're either leveraging the web to generate business, or to lose it.

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