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Beyond Words: A Guide to Interactive Content

For B2B and B2C brands, interactive content can drive higher engagement, conversion and close rates. Leverage the power of clickable, user-friendly assets at all stages of the buyer's journey using our guide (created with our partners at Ceros!)
Abby Thompson

Unsplash & Salted Stone Present: Using Stock Photography to Enhance User Experience

Stock photography can impact a brand's aesthetic value, effect usability, and either destroy or improve User Experience on websites, marketing collateral, or branded materials. So, we teamed up with the experts at Unsplash, to help you make smarter stock selections and keep leads engaged.
Abby Thompson

The Art of the Explainer Video

Video marketing giant Wistia & digital agency Salted Stone tackle all things explainer video: from production (length, format, style, script writing, and audio) to placement, analysis, and marketing!
Abby Thompson

Building A Modern PR Strategy In The Age Of Social Influencers

Early PR practitioners were tasked with building contact lists, pitch journalists, score inches, clip the hits, and distribute press releases. But today, the democratization of information has eroded the once straightforward nature of the job -- here's our guide to surviving the modern PR landscape.
Aubrey Beck

10 SEO Fails To Avoid During A Website Redesign

While planning a redesign, it can be easy to overlook of the most important aspects of web design — search engine optimization.
Jose Han