Insights from Salted Stone

Customer Success

Salted Stone Helps Boxed Water Operationalize a Shift in Messaging: A Social Media Marketing Campaign Case Study

Boxed Water is a sustainable water company that offers a more eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.
Talar Malakian

Salted Stone Moves Into CPG Package Design with Barlean’s Platinum Product Line

Salted Stone worked with Barlean's to establish a fresh look for their premium product line
Phil Dupertuis

Increasing Herculite's Organic Traffic Through a keyword-Driven Content Strategy

Salted Stone helped Herculite build their technical marketing and content efforts.
Abby Thompson

Salted Stone Produces 16-Bit Style Retro Animated Video for Med School Tutors

Animation research involved playing and watching clips from various SNES and Sega Genesis games
Phil Dupertuis
ResMed Website Screenshot

ResMed's Digital Transformation

Learn how ResMed partnered with Salted Stone to create a HubSpot driven, customer experience like no othe
Tony Eades