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Marketing Strategy

The DIY Buyer Persona Worksheet

Your DIY Buyer Persona Worksheet comes with a ready-to-use template which will enable you to action in-depth audience research, understand customer needs & goals, craft targeted messaging & content as well as align your cross-functional teams to better serve your customers...
Tony Eades
Working Remotely, Team Collaboration

Working Better… From Home!

The way we work has shifted dramatically in the past few weeks. Businesses that have for years relied on working collaboratively in an office environment are being forced to move online with staff having to work from home; many of them for the first time.
Michael Peach
Business Support, Marketing Strategy

Cracking the Code to Covid

Feeling overwhelmed right now? Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel! With these challenges come immense opportunities for your business to capitalise on - this is your time to stop, reflect and even re-invent. Salted Stone has formulated what we call the C.O.V.I.D. Code. Download your copy today.
Michael Peach
Going Digital, Business Support, Marketing Strategy

Marketing in a Crisis

Major events around the world have either been cancelled, postponed or gone online. From the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to the Cannes Film Festival to South by Southwest, the annual media festival in Austin, Texas. Forbes’ Coronavirus Cancellation Tracker revealed that more than 57 Million attendees had so far been affected after their events were cancelled or rescheduled.
Tony Eades
Going Digital, Business Support, Marketing Strategy

Prospecting Through COVID-19

According to some media buyers and marketers, COVID-19 will have a bigger impact on advertising than the global financial crisis (GFC). To say it’s a unique time in the world is an understatement, and we have no playbook for these uncharted times.
Tony Eades
Going Digital, Marketing Strategy

Five Fantastically Free Applications to Spin a Crisis in Your Favour

Both your customers and remote-working team members are leveraging digital platforms more than ever in an effort to reinvent normality. With internet usage up 70% during the COVID-19 crisis this brings about a wealth of opportunity, but to stay ahead of the game you need the right gear to play. 
Timothy Eades